Perfect Moments

On a flight from Bangalore to Mumbai. The pilot announced that we will soon land into Chathrapathi Shivaji International Airport. Baby is happy and not cranky during take off and during the flight but she cries hysterically while landing. TH was tickling her and trying to make her laugh. Her…Continue reading Perfect Moments


Review #3 – Marvy from CDS

  CDS Marvy Description Shell – It has a shell with two given inserts. The shell has outer PUL with 100% Polyester microsuede body lining. The shell has 3  riows of snaps for rise settings and two rows for waist/hip snaps with crossover snaps on the tabs. Wide crotch area.…Continue reading Review #3 – Marvy from CDS

Caesarean Awareness Month

April is International Caesarean Awareness month. Just hours after my Csection, I heard one of the first demeaning comments about ‘ladies who have C section’. And so it increased from there. Amongst the Indian mindset, it makes a girl less of a woman if she had a C section.  She…Continue reading Caesarean Awareness Month

Review #2 – Charlie Banana Pocket Diapers

( This is not a sponsored post neither have I received these diapers for review. Purchased by me and opinions and pictures are mine ) Charlie Banana One Size Pocket 2 in 1 reusable diapers. Description Outer – They are made of soft PUL in vibrant colours. They have cross…Continue reading Review #2 – Charlie Banana Pocket Diapers

Tourist spots activities Qatar

Tourist spots and activities in Qatar

Now that our baby is 7 months old and I am out of the pregnancy craziness/initial sleep deprived days and all the roller-coaster confusion days of newborn, we look forward to weekends on either having a road trip or exploring any part of Qatar we haven’t been to. I have…Continue reading Tourist spots and activities in Qatar

Calls to Him – Duas

I find myself in darkness. Unable to move. Tears stream my face. Light, I need Light. I think of Younus in the belly of the whale. عليه السلام In the depth of the ocean. In the darkness of night. He cried out, ‘There is no God but You, Glory be…Continue reading Calls to Him – Duas

Pediatric emergency centres – Qatar

Your baby spikes up a fever of 39°C at 1 AM in the night. What do you do? Voila! Pediatric emergencies to the rescue. Qatar is well endowed with Pediatric Emergency Centres in almost all the corners. The main Pediatric Emergency is located at Al-Sadd. Quite busy but well equipped.…Continue reading Pediatric emergency centres – Qatar


Qatar is the place where… I spent my childhood. My brother was born. I did my schooling. I made forever friends. I had opportunities to fine tune my public speaking skills. I got my first works published in a newspaper as a child(Peninsula/Gulf times). I spent every vacation during college…Continue reading Qatar.

Review – Popolini One Size Fitted cloth diapers

I have been cloth diapering my baby for 4 (out of 6) months now and must I say, I am a cloth-diaper-addict mom now 🙂 My go to diapers for both day time and night time is Popolini One Size Fitted diapers. Here is a review of this great product.…Continue reading Review – Popolini One Size Fitted cloth diapers

Beautiful Beginnings

1 year + 7 months over since I updated this post. 1 year + 7 months , a baby, a new job and a new house later, I still say I have been blessed immensely by Allah for this beautiful marriage. Those lonely, patient years of waiting during my college…Continue reading Beautiful Beginnings

An ode to my daughter.

01/08/2015  16:55 I heard your first cry. ‘Everything is fine! ‘ Traumatic ordeal – forgotten. Alhamdulilah Months of waiting and praying In my hands finally. So tiny. So precious. Alhamdulilah Your birth taught me the strength of my body, the resilience of my mind, the power of prayers. Alhamdulilah Two…Continue reading An ode to my daughter.

Death and grief

(I started this series ‘Letters to my unborn child’ during the April A to Z Challenge which sadly I never completed due to all the stress and workload I was under back then. Here I am trying it out again since this is something I really want to document. Hope…Continue reading Death and grief

Creator’s creation

This post is part of the A to Z April Challenge. My theme for the month is ‘ Letters to my unborn child ‘. Dear baby, Did you know a pencil cannot be formed on its own? Neither a computer nor a leaf! So there has to be some one…Continue reading Creator’s creation