Letters to my daughter

Letters to my daughter #8

My little girl, it has been 24 months. 24 months. Alhamdulilah. (25 months by the time I posted this!)

Some days I still find it hard to believe that I am a mom. I thought becoming a mom would make me different and “wise” and a multitude of other adult-characters, but for the most part, I feel I haven’t changed much.

Now 24 months later, it is as though you have been with me always and since forever. I cannot remember the time before you were born. It looks as though, all this chatter, smiles and cries have always been a part of my life. Alhamdulilah.  It is so true when they say – Before having kids, you wonder how you can live with them and after having kids, you wonder how you lived without them.

Sweet babble and one-word sentences fill our home. I have taken photographs, countless video clips and audio clips of your every antic and cute-talk. Someday, when my memory fades and the days are tough,  I want them to be a reminder of a time when we had literally nothing but we had you and you made our world complete and joyous and that was enough Alhamdulilah.

Mall of Qatar, Letters to my daughter

You know what has been the toughest this month?  Trying to wean you. I feel it is more heartbreaking for me than you. (No wonder they say weaning depression is common in mothers) I suddenly feel like a bond between you and me is going to be lost or over. But I hope and pray that this is the beginning of another exciting phase where we are more close than ever.

Guess what? Of late, you have been spending a lot of time with your board books. Not only does it reduce screen dependency but I am also excited at the prospect of having another book lover in the house. haha. Insh Allah. Reading books is going to open up a beautiful world like no other. I loved reading Enid Blyton books as a child. Reading of idyllic English countryside, hot scones and muffins are some of my fave childhood memories. I know it is a whole lot of different series now – Diary of Wimpy kids, Geronimo Stilton – and others. I am excited to be experiencing a second childhood through you. Insh Allah.  Alhamdulilah.

Board books

In a way, I love your independent streak. (I know I am going to eat my words when you throw a supermarket tantrum ?) I love it when you try to do a whole lot of things on your own – wear your dress, put clothes in the laundry bag, put your toys back into the cover, even very cutely dust your legs while getting on the bed. Such simple things – but makes me so proud and happy.

You make everything easy for me. Daytime weaning and daytime potty training were done in a day when I know people take ages to achieve that.  You make my ‘parenting’ look good though I know it is not so and it is just that you are an easy and gentle child, MashaAllah TabarakaAllah. Alhamdulilah.

When you wear a dress, you often look at yourself and tell “bhangi” (beautiful). I hope and pray you always remember that and that no single soul ever tell you or make you believe otherwise. (For that matter you tell that to me too when I wear a new dress – Bhangi, Beautiful – It melts my heart. And I joke with your dad, not even he tells me that now. But you do ?)

We just celebrated Eid. All you wanted for Eid was lots and lots of balloon and ‘maiyanchi’ (Mylanchi/Henna) So it was an Eid filled with bright coloured new dresses, tonnes of balloons, a Henna designed hand which didn’t become dark enough to see, Tom and Jerry show at DFC (which you loved), road trips through every nook and corner of north/west Doha, biriyani in every flavour and taste and lots of lazing around for 10 days!


It is the season of ‘ice ceamy’ (ice cream), nas (nuts) , wee wee come agai (rain rain go away, come again), jooosh (juice), vendaaaa/ No no and “ithenthta” (what is this?) and I know it is going to get over faster than I can blink. Enjoying and savoring every moment.

 Alhamdulilah for you.  Alhamdulilah for this little family. Alhamdulilah for this immense happiness. Alhamdulilah for my dreams coming true.


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Letters to my daughter

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