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Rules and laws of Toddler-ingdom

(First published on Ayeina, dated November 09, 2016)


Rules and laws of Toddler-ingdom


Parenting toddlers should come with its own manual and rule book. How many of you agree with this?

From the time we become a teenager to the phase where we become a parent; we tend to be very focused, either with studies, work or household chores. Then suddenly we become a parent and our world changes. One of the best aspects of parenting is the funny and humorous situation and phrases we encounter as our children grow through those energy-oozing ones and terrible twos! As much as we do get exasperated with flour strewn all over the floor or the newspaper shredded into pieces, it does become a funny memory, looking back.


Here I list down a few rules, laws and logic of toddler-ingdom (A very real world where the toddler rules with his washable crayons and Lego toys)



  • One-year-old logic – Everything is infinitely tastier when on the floor than on the plate.



  • Removing diaper straps/resealable tapes is very relaxing.


  • Every tag of every dress is a better teether than the over expensive Sophie.


  • The Sajdah is the best time to strengthen mom’s neck and back by making her lift toddler weight.


  • Mom’s prayer times are designated time for the trial of new actions like electric plug removal, filling the ears with beads and opening the faucet.


  • Jumping into newly folded laundry is as rejuvenating as fresh, cold water on a summer noon.


  • The vacuum cleaner can be used as a walker.


  •  Your artistic skills should be displayed only on the wall or furniture, never on paper.


Parenting Toddler


  • Every side table (with drawers) in the house now faces the wall permanently.


  • A 65 cm tiny human being needs 3/4th of the king size bed.


  • Ever door of the house is baby proofed and cannot be shut completely as long as the toddler rules.


  • Mothers have an antenna which signals every time they are extremely busy. These can be seen only by people younger than 2 years.


  • Every sharp instrument of the house should be stored at least five feet above the floor.


  • The daily dose of gymnastics for a 1-year-old should happen during nursing times.


  • If you are tired, it is always better to cry at the loudest decibel than sleep.


  • The best toys are in the kitchen.


  • Practising with mom’s phone for the future volleyball team.


  • Every adult conversation and actions shall be recorded for future use.


Parenting Toddler


  • One of the best sounds in the world is the crashing of glass cup and saucer on the hard floor.


  • It is extremely easy to melt a ready-to-erupt mom – give a sweet toothy smile!


Does your young toddler have any of his own rules? Share below!


May Allah give us Iman, Health and resources to bring them up in the best possible way. May He make our little children a beacon of hope for our Ummah. May He bless them with the best in both the worlds.




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  1. Asak. Allllllllll the above points relate to my sonshines??? I just couldn’t stop blushing while reading the above article it seemed as if someone has scribbed down my Omar and Ali’s daily stories☺️☺️

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