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Prompt : Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you? 

Edited Prompt : Songs —> Surah ( Chapters of the Holy Qur’an)

I cannot classify three of the 114 chapters as important since all are equally important and beneficial, but I ‘ll try to list three chapters which helped me during difficult phases of my life.

Surah Maryam.

The chapter starts with a father’s (Prophet Zakariyyah) intense desire for a child and his sincere duas though he has attained old age.

Lessons I learnt :

  • Make dua intensely even if it seems impossible to you. Impossible is merely concepts of the mind.
  • It is easy for Allah to change your situations.
  • Etiquette of making dua

The Surah continues with the story of Maryam AS and the birth of Isa AS.

Lessons I learnt :

  • The epitome of the best. An example for all until the end of times- Maryam AS
  • Rizq is from Allah and Allah alone.
  • Strength, determination and grit of a single woman.
  • Her purity, chastity and complete submission to God

Next  comes the reference of Ibrahim AS and his interactions with this father.

Lessons I learnt :

  • Inviting your close family members to the Deen.
  • Respect shown to his father though he was spoken rudely to.

Surah Yusuf :

This chapter describes in detail the story of Yusuf AS

Lessons I learnt :

  • Father’s (Yaqoob As) loving interaction with his son. (The son even describes in detail to his father about the dream he had)
  • Father’s attempt to curb sibling rivalry
  • Grief and sadness does not mean we are lacking in Iman. Prophet Yaqoob AS went blind due to his grief. But he complained of his grief and sadness to Allah and Allah alone.
  • Yusuf AS was reported to have half the beauty of this world. Yet, he did not fall prey to the temptations of the wife of the ‘Aziz of Egypt.
  • Yusuf’s AS beauty put him in to jail, yet his knowledge and wisdom took him out of jail.
  • Yusuf AS forgave all his brothers though they had pushed him in to the well during childhood.

Surah Ikhlas.

This chapter is equivalent to one-third of the holy Quran as per narrations.

Lessons I learnt :

  • Tauhid. Oneness of God.
  • Ahad. He is unique in His oneness. He is unique in His uniqueness.
  • In 4 verses, the entire concept of Tauheed is explained.

May Allah give us a deeper understanding of His Holy Book. May He increase us in Ilm and Iman.

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