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Cloth diapering resources in Doha (Qatar)

(An earlier fun post on cloth diapers)

I have been hooked onto cloth diapers even before my baby was born. My initial attraction towards them was because of their beautiful prints and hence another accessory to match with my baby’s frocks. Let’s say, I went a wee bit overboard with my addiction which has been successfully curbed now. 😀

It made me explore all the cloth diapering options here in Qatar and find online websites that ship to Doha. I thought about writing this blog post to help others and myself in the future inshaAllah (before I forget everything I have read and researched about this topic)

Different types of Cloth Diapers and it’s availability in Doha, Qatar.

Pocket Diapers – These are one of the favourites in the cloth diapering community due to its ease of drying and versatility in stuffing with different inserts. They are basically a diaper cover (with a PUL layer which makes it waterproof) with a pocket in which different types of inserts can be stuffed in. Eg microfiber, organic cotton, charcoal bamboo etc.

Availability in Doha

Lulu – Green future, Eten

Ansar Gallery – Alva, Luvable Friends (not always stocked)

Happy Baby Wakrah – Luvable Friends (not always stocked)

Baby Shop – Juniors (Not always stocked)

Flats – The most versatile of all diapers.  Used by our dear grandmothers too. Any cloth which absorbs well can be made it into a flat. They are held with the help of snappi or a boingo.

Availability in Doha

Available in Lulu as a set of 12. Muslin clothes are also found in Mother care, Mama and Papas. IKEA Himmelski burp cloths can also be used as flats. If you are feeling brave enough, the tea clothes from IKEA can also be used since they are essentially fabrics that absorb and so cheap.


Cloth Diapering in Qatar
Photo Credits – Tonya F

All-in-One Diapers – They are basically similar to disposable diapers. Just put them on your baby. No stuffing or any extra work. The only con is it might take a longer time to dry but with newer designs like the Grove AIO, Thirsties AIO, Smartbottoms AIO etc which has inserts that are stitched only on one end, drying time has been comparatively reduced. Unfortunately, I have not found any shops that sell AIOS here.

All-In-Twos – A diaper cover with inserts which are snapped on it. I have reviewed a similar type earlier here. Easier for drying.

Haven’t found any here in Doha.

Fitted – Just a thick absorbent material in the shape of a diaper with snaps to fit. They do not have a PUL layer. They are used with a diaper cover.  Perfect for summer if you do not want to use a diaper cover or for night-time diapering.  (With a cover, of course) An example of fitted diapers.

Availability in Doha

Lulu does stock a type of fitted but I wouldn’t recommend it since it has microfiber inserts which ideally should not be used directly on baby’s skin.

Prefolds – A type of square or rectangular piece of cloth divided into three sections with additional layers in the middle section so as to make it more absorbent.

Diaper cover – I have not seen any diaper cover with PUL or TPU here in Doha. Found a few plastic covers in Lulu. Will not recommend them as they tend to get hot since they are not breathable.


CD friendly detergents available in Doha 


Tide Original with no fabric softener

Persil Non bio etc

Any mainstream detergent with no fabric conditioner/softener will do.

Washing Cloth Diapers

Here are some articles explaining washing. I often go for a pre-wash (the shortest cycle on my WM with half the amount detergent mentioned on packet) A main wash at 40°/60 with the full amount of detergent as mentioned on its packet and finally a short post-wash (This can be skipped apparently but I chose to do it so as to rinse off any extra detergents and for my peace of mind)

Where to buy cloth diapers from?


Online CD website based in UAE

Eggs n Soldiers – I came across this Dubai-based online shop when I was searching around. They have a good collection of Bumgenius, Blueberry etc. I had interacted with the owner and she said they ship to Doha. Have not bought from them for a review.

Shop and Ship /Shipping forwarder services. 

Aramex Shop and Ship – excellent and on time.

Shopfans – A relatively cheaper forwarding service compared to Aramex. You can hold your parcels for a certain number of days before they are shipped to Doha. Have used them twice and have been a good experience.

Connected from Qpost – Not used. Reviews by others do not sound good though it might be starting trouble.

Some of the sites I have used with the above services.

Amazon – Products that do not ship to Doha.

Abbyslane – Excellent customer service and free shipping within US


Homegrown baby 

(The only reason I used above sites is because of their sale at that particular time. Try to find stores in the US which have free US shipping and that have sales when you are shopping, so that you are not spending tonnes of $$ besides the shipping forwarder. Earth day and Black Friday are the times when most cloth diapering shops are on sale

This FaceBook group always have updates on current CD sales)

Cloth diaper shops with international shipping

Do confirm with the shop owner before you buy.

Disclaimer : I have not bought from any of these shops except one Indian shop. Please do your own research before buying. This is only a small consolidated list of shops I have found that ship internationally


Mom’s milk boutique 

Kelly’s Closet

Lali’s Fluff Shop

Lil Tulips

My Sweet Pickles

Nicki’s Diapers

Dearest Diapers

Holistic Parents

Heart hugs

Sweet Bottoms Baby


Baby Slings and Carriers


Alva Baby

Sun Baby Diapers




The Nappy Lady

The Cloth Nappy Shop


Charlie Banana




(I had asked in an Indian cloth diapering Facebook group for vendors who ship internationally/Middle East, the above vendors replied – though most of the websites do not have a notice on their page about shipping internationally. Please consult with each vendor for further information)

For a complete list of cloth diaper sellers in India, check out Haajra’s post.

Do you know of other shops and cloth diaper sellers who ship to Doha/Internationally? Leave your comments below, I shall add to the list.

Cloth Diapering resources in Doha,Qatar + list of shops that ships internatonally

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9 Replies to “Cloth diapering resources in Doha (Qatar)”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I cloth diapered with my first born for a while and with my third and fourth children but had to give it up due to issues with my daughter having a skin reaction to some of the diapers no matter how much I washed them

  2. I was into the idea of cloth diapering before I had my son but I didn’t really understand it despite all the research. And now with another one on the way if I’m going to be honest I really can’t be bothered lol. I love to see other people do it though. Maybe when we’re potty training Is switch but initially I think I’d struggle

  3. I used the traditional Indian style cloth diapers for all my kids (only for a while) but lesser and lesser with each kid esp my youngest as he was born in winters and those aren’t good to keep warm. I had some from babyshop but they were horrid. Will try some of these you mentioned as I really do want to use less of the traditional diapers esp this coming summer.

  4. I loved cloth diapers ever since i saw them, they were fun and somewhat agree to what i believe in. But dealing with all the poppy diapers put a huge restraint on my buying them for my kids and i kept going with the disposable ones.

    During the journey I often times had to clean up the poppy clothes and wondered why i didnt opt for Cloth diapers.

    I am so glad i know someone who opted cloth diapers.

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