Review Meissa Silk Ring Sling

Review – Meissa Ring Sling

Ring slings are long fabrics with two rings on one end through which the fabrics from the tail end are threaded in. They are becoming increasingly popular in the baby-wearing world due to the ease of use and maintenance. They really do not take any space and can be a permanent inhabitant of your diaper bag. They are designed for use until baby is 3 years old or 35lbs.

Photo Courtesy – Meissa Market

Review – Meissa Silk Ring Sling

Fabric – Single layer of 100% Dupioni silk.

Length – 77 inch

Width –  26 inch

Ring – Aluminium ring, certified by International Baby Carrier Safety Regulations and Standards

Name – Sadaf, meaning ‘seashells’.


Features :

The Meissa ring slings are soft and can be threaded easily once broken in. They are lightweight and can be folded easily to fit in even a tiny handbag. They have the nubs, grits, ridges in the weave of their fabric – a feature of pure dupioni silk. It gives it the ‘grippy’ character- meaning the fabric does not slide through the ring even if you are carrying your toddler. It stays as is!

They are breathable and remains cool even in warmer climates. As the weather is getting hotter, I do not know how it will fare during the peak of Doha heat. They have a pocket on the tail end of the ring sling perfect for keeping small keys and odds and bits!

If the rings are placed in the right position and fabric is spread evenly on the back, these ring slings are great for shopping trips, when the baby is cranky and needs a snuggle or when you need a hands-free minute (or ten!) The silk moulds to the baby’s shape and they do not dig into the shoulder or stretch/sag. They are comfortable for carrying a newborn and at the same time, supportive enough for carrying a toddler too.

The Meissa silk ring slings are gorgeous with their sheen and shimmer.  They add colour to your normal everyday wear or can be even worn with a pretty party wear. It is difficult to capture this actual colour on camera.

Another fun fact – They have unique names in Arabic like Nafees (expensive/rare), Nada (morning dew), Kaheel (Arabic eyeliner) etc.

Pros :                                                                                                       

  • Easy to use and wear.
  • Beautiful colours.
  • Easy to breastfeed.
  • Great for colicky newborn days.
  • Front carry and hip carry. If you are an expert, a back carry too.
  • Great for toddlers who want to look around.


  • Single shoulder. Hence cannot be worn for long walks or hikes.
  • An initial learning curve.

The only improvement I would want is it to be double layered for a more cushioning effect on the shoulders while carrying a toddler. (Meissa Market does this on demand)

Care :

Spot washing for minor stains/marks/blemishes/. Hand washing in cold water with silk appropriate/mild detergent.
Hang dry. Do not use the dryer.

Remarks :

I was quite hesitant about trying ring slings since they looked daunting to wrap around. But after using the Meissa ring sling for a while now, I only wish I knew about them during the initial colicky days. It really would have been a help to me during all those sleepless days and nights! If you are an expectant mom or even an experienced mom to a toddler, I recommend the Meissa ring slings. There is nothing like a carrier that makes the mothering days a little easier. Snuggles all the way.

About Meissa Market.

It is run by a lovely Doha-based mom who is passionate about baby wearing and is doing her part to spread the love of ring slings around. All their fabrics are sourced directly from its sellers in India etc. Meissa market also have ring slings in Linen and Cotton. They can be contacted on Instagram and their online shop can be found here.

(This product was sent for review. All opinions and views are my own )


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Review Meissa Ring Sling

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20 Replies to “Review – Meissa Ring Sling”

  1. Assalamu’Allykum, I absolutely love how detailed your review is! I wish I had read this a couple of years ago, when my baby brother was this size. Anywho, it’s good for the future =)

  2. OMG I’ve never seen anything like that! I remember when my baby niece was younger her parents use to carry her on their backs while we were on a holiday in one of those baby carrier thingies and in hot weather it used to get REAL hot on their backs (or chests if they were carrying her that way). This looks like a cooler alternative!
    Lots of hugs for the little one <3

  3. It seems awesome i wore my first child for many weeks i loved it! Hardly wore my second one though! But i believe in attachment parenting and i would love to use it or something likewise

  4. Salam sis. This is very unfamiliar to me. I was wondering the whole time, even with reading… How to actually use it and thenI saw the end of the article. It’s kind of like an “instant” baby wrap isn’t it? Quite genius!

  5. I used a sling when mine was little but never a ring sling ! I like that it is adjustable. Thanks for sharing !

  6. I’ve been looking for a better carrier for my little man, Finley. He doesn’t like his normal carrier that we got from our registry. Thanks for writing a review! I may just check out getting this.

  7. This review is great. I havent heard of a ring sling before. Im having baby #2 in June and there will probably be a lot more baby wearing in my future.

  8. I love Ring Slings, never heard of this brand though. I had always gotten single layer ones and I think whenever I have another baby I am going to have to get a double layer for more support because my babies are normally on the heavier side and my back kills

  9. What a neat idea. The baby looks very comfortable too. Thanks for sharing because I have never though of a ring.

  10. Ooh would def recommend this to my mommy friends. Unfortunately it’s not as good for long walks. But will still be very useful for bany wearing though!

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