Birthday Chalkboard template, diy, harry potter

Birthday chalkboard Tutorial (Harry Potter theme)

Birthday Chalkboard Stat Chart is the trend now, I thought why not do something unique and different for the little girl’s upcoming first birthday. I will outline a few pointers for making this Harry Potter themed stat chart.


 1.Download the GIMP Software.

Similar to Photoshop but free and easy to navigate and easy to self teach.  Basic info needed to make a chart.

  •  Concept of Layers in Gimp – Very useful in editing.
  • How to draw a straight line in Gimp.
  • Text – Font, Size, Colour, Alignment.
  • Additional – Add Outline to text in Gimp.
  • Additional – Add watermark.

2. Download the background to be used in the poster.

For this particular themed poster, I used the Parchment Paper background. For other paper textures, you can browse here. Make sure the background are of high-resolution so that when they are printed as poster, they do not look blurry.

3. Download the Harry Potter Font.

(Other cool HP themed fonts – I did not use these though!) I have used other chalkboard fonts such as Janda Curly Girl, Janda Apple Cobbler, Lover’s Quarrel, The Heart of Everything, Rayando,Return to Sender, Beyond Wonderland, nineteenohfive, Rechtman. Other Birthday related fonts – KG Royals Font, KR Birthday Letters Font, KR Birthday Cake Dings Font

birthday chalkboard font
Birthday Chalkboard Tutorial (I mean Parchment Paper!)

4. Download Dingbat Font – They are used to fill up the board, create divisions between the text and make for an interesting visual. This HP themed dingbat font is what I used majorly. Others I used are KG Flavours and Frames and From this moment.

5.Work with Gimp. Open the picture you want to use as background. Click on Images –>Print to Size and enter the size you want to print the poster. Continue with the text you want to enter, dingbat etc. Familiarize yourself with text size, colour and alignment. For colour palette for the different house groups – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff 

Take the help of Google (tonnes of tutorials available online for Gimp) and Pinterest (search for birthday chalkboard) if you want help with design, fonts and text.

birthday chalkboard template, diy, harry potter
Our version of the Birthday Chalkboard – Harry Potter themed Parchment Poster


Harry Potter theme – Parchment Paper, All House colours under Í am’. Gryffindor shade palette for the font. Harry Potter font and dingbats used. Dingbat – Sorting hat, Snitch and Flying car used as divider between text. Snitch ball used for the dates.

Fun fact : When my doc said EDD was Jul 31, the HP nerd in me was secretly happy 😀

Have you designed a birthday chalkboard? What software did you use? Did you find the above tutorial helpful?

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39 Replies to “Birthday chalkboard Tutorial (Harry Potter theme)”

  1. This is really a great idea especially now with the recent release of The Cursed Child – not to mention all of the die hard Harry Potter fans out there! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very creative of you! Just not a fan of Harry Potter as it promotes the use of magic which is completely prohibited in islam. I know no one starts practicing magic after watching the movie but I dont want to support what is wrong just because everyone is doing it.

  3. harry Potter is back everywhere as if it was never gone ! I love this post such a unique idea. Now maybe you should do a complete harry potter themed party that’ll be cute 🙂

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