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Top 10 Baby Products (I loved the second time around!)

2018 – 2019

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A couple of years ago, I had updated a minimalist list of baby products. That list served me well for my firstborn, but once my second child was born, there were many products that I used which I would have initially considered as ‘extra’! Some of these products became my favourite and I still use some of them, like the diaper bag and the ring sling.

Without further ado, here are my top 10 baby products which served me well, as a mother of two young babies!

1. Swaddle

(Disclaimer – Please do not use swaddles in a very hot place or when your baby has started rolling. Please use your own logic while using a product for your baby)

Top 10 baby products

The Summer Infant swaddle and Halo SleepSack worked great for us and baby loved it! These were easy to use. Just place your baby, zip-up or use the Velcro. Mission Accomplished! (Unlike the rectangular cloth swaddles which got untied when baby rolled or have the baby’s hands and legs poking out from the corners)

2. Baby Carrier

Top 10 baby products - baby carrier

Can I tell you my second baby grew up in a baby carrier? It helped me keep her close while keeping my hands free for my toddler. It helped me to be in charge and do my work without being overtly dependant on anyone. I used the ring slings from Meissa Market and an Indian company called KolKol (Unfortunately they discontinued their ring sling line – but I really think they are one of the best in the market ) I also used a structured carrier called Anoona from an Indian Company called Soul Slings. It can be used from 3 kg until 20 kg. It is a brilliant product which takes almost all factors into consideration like the height, weight of the child along with ample support for the baby’s head and back. Loved them!

3. Baby nest/Nestilo

top 10 baby products nestilo sleepyhead

(Disclaimer – Do not use it while baby is left unattended. Do not use it for overnight sleeping)

While I was pregnant with Baby #2, I went on a baby-nest-research-project. I found out every single brand in India and the Middle East. Even a beautiful Etsy seller from Ukraine. The Sleepyhead or a Dockatot are one of the best in the market but it was beyond my budget. Well, guess my joy when I found an Indian brand with a similar model. Nestilo from Masilo.           


  • Baby slept well.
  • Compared to sleepy head, slightly cheaper


  • For their cost at 7000 INR their material and workmanship is NOT up to the mark. The stitching was flimsy. The zip was cheap quality. 

A few other brands I found out are Baby boat from Little Storks and The Little Stack from India.

4. Miss Fong Backpack Diaper Bag

 baby products miss fong diaper bag

Another product I loved and still use is my Diaper Bag from Miss Fong. It looked trendy and compact but could still carry all the baby stuff I needed for 2 kids. I have been using it for more than two years now and it is still going great with no damage to the product or zipper. It is a well-made product. It does look similar or a copy of Fawn Design bag but FD is so beyond my budget.

5. Baby Changing Table/Bath Tub Combined

This was my most loved product while my baby was a newborn. I did not have to bend to change her diaper. I could give her a shower in the bedroom itself with no mess or water spilling over. It was easy to clean. I used a relatively cheaper brand from the First Step. It served our purpose well. ( I know I said no to changing tables in my minimalist post earlier, but then priorities change with the number of kids😁) It helped me immensely to take care of my baby by myself!

6. Baby Wearable Blankets/ Sleep Bags

I didn’t even know such products existed when my first daughter was born. These blankets help once their swaddle period is over. They will not kick the blanket away, get cold and be awake – the standard baby cycle. Rather they stay cosy in their warm blankets and sleep peacefully. (Ours was from Matalan)

7. Bumpadum Cloth Diapers and Accessories

I have used cloth diapers for my first daughter but I used this new Indian brand second time around. I bought a couple of diapers myself. A few were sent for the purpose of review.

They have Aviva and Duet Cloth diapers. Duet diapers have a shell made of microfleece with detachable inserts which too has a fleece lining. Aviva diapers are completely organic cotton. (They have changed the designs now) Though I have not used them for night time, they have stayed good enough for naps. I suppose they would work better overnight with nighttime inserts which I did not have. Also, they come in beautiful prints. 

 - diaper clutch bumpadum

Another product I loved from Bumpadum is their diaper clutch. So easy to keep the diapers and wipes. Easy to locate them during a hurried diaper changing session while out. They can be used inside out – two beautiful prints for the price of one 😀 (I currently use them to store my stationery items)

8. Baby Crib

I know all of you will be having it but I did not use a crib with my elder one whereas my baby has been in a crib since day 15. It was one of our best decisions since she stayed protected in it from a bed-jumping-toddler and (actually) slept overnight as a newborn baby😁 Alhamdulilah

9. Hakka Breast Pump

 baby products hakka breast pump , nature bond breast pump

I did not get this product immediately after delivery but these are one of the best products if you are a new mom (aka overly leaking mom). It helps to collect milk from one side while you are feeding baby on the other side. Most often you might have noticed, you are feeding baby, lost in your own thoughts and suddenly realise there is a river on the other side. These are made of silicone. (I used a different brand from Amazon – Nature Bond)

nature bond breast pump

Along with it, I also used the Avent Manual Pump. I was not working then and was with my baby throughout, hence I did not have to pump often other than when I went for classes. Since I pumped only occasionally the manual was enough for me and the Avent Manual Pump did the job fine.


10. Nursing Pillow

I loved loved loved my nursing pillow so much so I used to carry it with me during all my journeys. It helps you to posture yourself correctly while sitting, without having to crouch down or bend over to reach your baby. It is firmer than a pillow and doesn’t move away from you due to the C-shape of the pillow           

Did you use any of these products? Did you love them as I did? Do you have any more ‘absolutely necessary’ products to add to the list?

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10 Replies to “Top 10 Baby Products (I loved the second time around!)”

  1. Thanks for this list. There are those classic baby products that will always be loved by FTM or of it’s the second, third, fourth time around. I heard excellent reviews on the Haka pump, too.

  2. i recall using a couple of these myself for both my kids (now they are teens) and agree that this is a great list

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