Minimalist guide to new born baby essentials shopping

Minimalist guide to new born baby essentials shopping + FREE printable

In the summer of 2015, when I was heavily pregnant and waddling through Gulf Mall, unsure and confused of what to buy for the newborn from all the checklist I had come across, I had decided I will make a minimalist guide for newborn baby shopping. (Yeah, this post have been gathering dust in the drafts section of over a year now! :D) We really do not need everything as advertised. Most of the baby gears and products are marketing ploys.

The reason for going the minimalist route are many :

– Being on a budget.

– No extra room to use as a nursery.

– Small apartment.

– General minimalist lifestyle.

I shall point out a few guidelines below while buying clothes, sleeping essentials, gears, feeding related items etc. At the end of this post, there is a free-printable which can be used as an aid while shopping. There is extra space to add gears and clothes of your choice.



i) DO NOT stock upon clothes for the age range of 0 to 3 months. 2 reasons.

โ—Every (dress) gifts for the newborn will be mostly for the age range of 0 to 3 months.

โ— They outgrow it too soon.

ii)Yes, babies need to change their dress often due to puke and poop, but there is no need for 10001 clothes.

iii)Instead of stocking on one particular brand, try buying different brands.  There are certain brands which run really small, whereas others run big for the age group.

iv)No need to stock up until 6 months or so. We can go shopping even after the baby is born? Rather, it will be a good break especially in the first few months, when they are not yet mobile and are sleeping most of the time.


Disposable diapers – Same points as above. Do not stock upon size zero and do not buy one particular brand. Certain diapers do not suit some babies skins.

Cloth diapers – Do not buy in bulk cloth diapers of the same brand. Try different brands and different styles of CD. Find what fits best and works well for your baby and take it from there.


If co-sleeping, absolutely nothing extra is required. A clean bed sheet would do. (Pillows and blankets for babies are not recommended!). If having a separate room for baby or sleeping in the same room but separately, all that is required is a safe place for the baby to sleep.

It can be a co-sleeper OR Crib OR Moses basket OR a Bassinet. No need of all the three. I repeat, no need of all the three.


I would suggest to buy breast pump/bottles etc after the baby is born. Because we can decide if it is breast-feeding or bottle feeding that works for us only after the baby is born. There is absolutely no need to buy every pumping paraphernalia or every formula on the supermarket shelf.


In the first few months, a brightly colored soft rattle would do. They do not need continuous entertainment and are happy to just sleep.


Yes, Jumperoo is the best-selling product on Amazon. You can forego it actually.  Yes it would bring you 15 minutes of rest but so would a play mat with many toys.

Rocker /Bouncer/Vibrating chair – All are the same thing in different packages. We survived without it but most mothers find it really effective especially if baby is having colic.


Since solids are started only at 6 months of age, buying high chair, spoons and bowls can be done around 5 to 6 months of age rather than buying before the baby is born.


This can be skipped! Use a dresser or the bed with a stay dry sheet or even the floor with a dry mat


No need of every brand of diaper bag.

Baby proofing should be done when the baby’s starts to become mobile.

Baby wardrobes can be avoided if you already have built-in closets in all rooms or big wardrobes.  But it does help to have one place for all baby items especially in the first few months because the socks, mittens and caps are so tiny and are easily misplaced!

Are you a minimalist when it comes to baby gears? Do you have any more points to add?

 The FREE printable – Checklist for new born baby essentials shopping 


Minimalist guide to new born baby essentials shopping


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41 Replies to “Minimalist guide to new born baby essentials shopping + FREE printable”

  1. great blog post, i’m not a mother/pregnant but this really helps me understand what i need or how to live in minimalist way when i have a baby (especially since i live in a small apartment) so thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’ve never thought about some of these things (I’m also not a mom yet). I know many people try to stock up clothes months and years in advance which will definitely leads to the storage problem. Also I don’t understand the people who baby proof the house before the baby is mobile. It just seems like an inconvenience to them.

  3. The first point actually gave me gift ideas for my baby cousins. You’re right! Most people tend to gift baby clothes between 0-3 months, it’d be smarter to get them things they can eventually grow into! ๐Ÿ™‚

    xx Heather

  4. This was a great list. I ‘ve always been quite minimal in the things I’ve purchases for my babies due to our small apartment and how often we move.

  5. Hehe… I can totally understand. We bought basic minimums and once both the girls were born, clothes came in bulk automatically, so it had to be just basics like diapers and stuff. It is always best to go with minimum stuff for kids especially since most of the time you end up throwing without even using many of it… thankfully, now there are garage sales and opportunities where you can give them away, but till that time, where do you stock them is a question… ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Great list! I tend to buy 6-9 months clothes now for friends kids as know they will end up with loads of 0-3…and I didn’t bother with a changing table either!

  7. Love this post! I’m a minimalist and can definitely see myself gettinf overwhelmed when I have a baby. Will have to refer to this again one day ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. So great! Now that I am on the other side of the baby years Im wishing I had had someone tell me this. All the useless baby things we never used and spent so much on are gathering dust in the attic. I was a baby minimalist by child number 3!

  9. All of these are so true!!! Many items I skipped on by the time I had my 4th. My children before him never used the crib. Changing table really didn’t get used as we made use of the bed and dresser as you mentioned. His cloths mainly consisted of onesies, socks, cloth diapers and blankets. They really do grow out of things so quickly. Great post! Thanks!!

  10. When I buy baby shower gifts I usually buy for later months so it seems I did something right. This is such a useful article for parents to be – bet they still buy too much though!

  11. Thanks, great post! We had to be this minimalist when we had our baby because we were moving across the world in a couple of months. He was three months old when we moved from Spain to Shanghai, and therefore the things we chose to buy had to be bare minimum!!!!!!

  12. Being a minimalist is so important especially when you are a new mom!!! I’ve seen my friends get overwhelmed and hoarding everything they think would be necessary and then eventually throwing it away. This is such a great read. Will pass it on to some of the to be moms ??

  13. every mother should read this! Being a minimalist is super important! The only thing I do regret buying is a cot! Atleast it was a travel cot so its all folded and packed and kept in the shed lol! But also every mom should buy a pump if they aren’t planning to formula feed their child! I think its SUPER important!

  14. Great article! I made the mistake of buying umpteen jumpsuits, bibs etc when I had my first. I found that 3/4 of them were left with their tags still on them. Luckily I had 4 more kids afterwards and found use for them.

  15. Love this! I fell into the trap of “needing” too much baby stuff that we didn’t even use. Minimalism is the way to go!

  16. Love this! New moms and being one several years ago, they make it sound like you need all this stuff and it is very overwhelming! Have of it we never used so we donated and for the second we used just basics!

  17. Great list!! My biggest mistake was we stocked up on zeros and bought all of one brand. My son has extremely sensitive skin and was allergic. So I’m glad you put that in your list to warn other mommas lol.

  18. I don’t know where you are from but here in the U.S. it is now a requirement that your health insurance provide yo with a breast pump. So you don’t even need to purchase one anymore. And all breast feeding supplies are tax deductible up to a certain amount (I believe…don’t quote me on that). So save those receipts!

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