Newborn Cloth Diapering with Bumpadum

One of the first baby stuff I brought as soon as I got to know I am pregnant is …cloth diapers. That too Bumpadum cloth diapers. I got to know about Bumpadum when we were almost at the end of our cloth diapering journey with our first-born. I had loved the prints back then and decided I would surely buy them for my next child.

Later on, Bumpadum contacted me for a review opportunity of their products and I surely said yes!

Newborn Cloth Diapering

If there is one thing most moms are not comfortable with, it is the concept of cloth diapering a newborn. Because the reality is…we have to keep on changing diapers every hour or two whether it is disposable or reusable. But Bumpadum makes newborn cloth diapering easy with their products. Let’s have a look!

Bumpadum Neo AIO

 Appearance :

This diaper consists of a shell and an insert which can be snapped onto the shell. Both the shell and the insert are lined with soft fleece. The inserts have 4 layers of absorbency topped by microfleece and can easily last up to 5 hours (Probably more. Didn’t try!) They have the side snapping system, quite different from other cloth diapers. There are 2 horizontal lined snap system by which both the thighs and the waist can be adjusted. Along with four front rise snaps to adjust to teeny tiny babies.  They can be worn from nearly 3 kgs up to 7kgs.

Fully opened Neo diaper
The outer shell with the insert
The inside of the shell lined with soft fleece
Cloth diaper new born

The diapers come neatly wrapped in a soft velour tied with a Bumpadum

Pros :

  1. Really soft. Very comfortable for the soft newborn skin.
  2. The elastics are bound by the fleece fabric and do not leave nasty red marks on the skin.
  3.  The absorbency. It is perfect for both day and night time. If your baby sleeps through the night, then pair it with a hemp insert.
  4. Affordable without compromising on functionality.
  5. Due to detachable inserts, they dry pretty quickly in the Doha heat.
  6. Cute. I mean there is nothing cuter than a teeny-tiny diaper the size of your hand.
sustainable living
Comparing the size differences of S,M,L setting on a Neo diaper with a Boingo.


  1.   The only con I could find is that these do not come in organic cotton. Problematic for babies like mine who are allergic to fleece. I countered this problem by layering it with a disposable liner/hemp insert/old cotton cloth. (Ha! Nothing will stop me from using these cute diapers)

Cost: They retail for INR 699 which is nearly 10$/ 35Qrs – affordable without compromising on the quality. 

Availability: They are available on the Bumpadum site. (They have brownie point system). Also on (affiliate link) Amazon (slightly cheaper than the site – INR 649)

Our Experience:  We used it until our baby turned 5.5 months (around 7 kgs). We loved that no red marks were left by the elastic and the way it could be fit such that both the waist and thighs could be adjusted.

If you do not want to spend much just for a few months or the fleece is keeping you away, Bumpadum has another option just for you!

Newborn Prefolds

indian cloth diaper company

Prefolds are rectangular pieces of cotton cloth which are divided into 3 rectangular parts by a stitch with the middle part having additional absorbency. (3x6x3 layers) They can be pad folded on to a diaper cover or attached with the help of a Snappi or Boingo (Amazon affiliate link) with different types of folds.  They need to be washed at least 5 times to reach their maximum absorbency.

Different ways to fold a Prefold

Pros : 

  1. Economical yet great absorbency.
  2. Easy to use. Just fold and place it in the diaper cover.
  3. Great for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.
  4. Extended use even after newborn days as extra inserts in other diapers for night time usage.
It can be used as as insert in a Duet diaper or Aviva diaper
Prefold used as an insert with Duet diaper

Cons :

  1.    Slightly difficult to use with Boingo.
  2.  Drying time is longer than the Neo.

Availability: Bumpadum

Cost: INR 299 (around 4$ or 15 Qrs)

Bumpadum now ships to GCC including Qatar with affordable shipping rates. You may contact them for more information either on their website, Facebook or Instagram.

Newborn sensitive skin and cloth diapering : I have to write about this since cloth diapering has been a different experience for us, secondtime around. Some babies are allergic to microfleece, microsuede, PUL, sometimes even the plastic snaps. It took me some time to understand about my baby’s allergy. Not only was she allergic to microsuede and microfleece, but it did also act as a trigger to eczema. To be frank, it made me leave cloth diapering for a good few months. What I learnt from my experience :

  1. DO NOT buy a whole stash of cloth diapers before your baby is born. Maybe the baby doesn’t like the wetness of organic cotton or cannot tolerate fleece. So buy a minimal stash before the baby is born and upgrade as you learn about your baby’s preference and tolerance ( I am guilty as charged – I have 3 shining Duet diapers in my favourite prints!)
  2. Do not get disheartened about allergies, sensitive skin and cloth diapering. It will be mostly trial and error in the first few months. You will eventually find the cloth diaper that suits your baby. (You would also realise that most babies with sensitive skin are allergic to the latex in disposable diapers and hence reusable diapers are best for them!)
  3. Disposable liners will be your best friend when having a baby with sensitive skin.
  4. GET help from your paediatrician if your baby’s diaper rash is not under control. Coconut oil doesn’t solve all problems sadly.

If you have any questions regarding new born cloth diapering, holler below 🙂

(The products were sent for the purpose of review. All  views and opinions are my own)

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