7 books for Muslim moms-to-be and pregnant ladies, Islamic books for pregnancy

7 books for Muslim moms-to-be

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As a new mother or a mother to be, we are often anxious and worried about this new and different phase of our life. Worrying about feeds and diapers is extremely common. From a religious aspect, we also start thinking about Aqeeqah, hair shaving etc – things we are not so well versed with/do not think about until we become a mother. I went on a search for books that cater to Muslim moms-to-be and found a wonderful list. Some of these I found at the Doha International Book Fair, some I had the Ebooks with me, whereas others I have included reviews by other sisters.

1. Now You are a Mother

Author – Du’aa’ Ra’oof Shaheen
Translated by –  Huda al-Khattab
Dar-us-Salam Publications

I’ll confess I picked this book up seeing its cover. The pretty pink tempted me. I realised only after reaching home that it is more of a pregnancy/motherhood handbook when we were already 1 year into the motherhood stage by then. It does cover issues until 4 years of age of the child

In this book, you will find an overview of the mother’s role in the first four years of a child’s life and increases awareness of important issues to which parents must pay attention. The author highlights some traditional child-rearing practices that are in fact detrimental to the child’s well-being and suggest alternatives.  The Islamic dimension is also added including Islamic ruling concerning the newborn and a chapter on Prophet and Children. (Detailed review on the blog soon, InshaAllah)

 2. Heaven Under Your feet: Pregnancy for Muslim Women

Author – Umm Hassan bint Salim
Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd

Pregnancy is a good time to turn to Allah. Not only is it a physical process, it is also a spiritual and emotional journey filled with excitement and apprehension. Heaven Under Your Feet accompanies sisters along this beautiful phase in life. Whilst there are lots of advice-packed literature out there for the expectant mother, this book broaches the subject from the perspective of a Muslimah, addressing the thoughts and concerns of someone looking for an Islamic viewpoint on what is a unique and special moment in her life.

A detailed review can be read here.

 3. Our Precious Sprouts: Islamic regulations for newborns

Author – Muhammad Al Jibaly
Al-Kitaab As-Sunnah Publishing

This book is the fourth in the series by the author, by Muhammad Mustafa Al Jibaly.   This book covers the Islamic regulations relating to a newborn. This includes welcoming the baby, naming it, shaving its hair, circumcising it, and slaughtering the sacrificial ‘Aqiqah. (A few controversial statements).  A detailed review.

4. Nurturing Eman in Children

Author – Dr Aisha Hamdan
International Islamic Publishing House

This book addresses an aspect of child rearing that is vitally important but is not so commonly touched upon in the mainstream parenting books that we are familiar with. In this book, the author explains the importance of instilling in our children a strong connection to the Creator and a love for the religion that He has chosen for us and for them. From this book, we can learn, the what, the why and the how of raising a righteous Muslim child inshaAllah. ( Detailed review on the blog soon, inshAllah)

 5. Meeting the Challenge of Parenting in the West – An Islamic perspective

Author – Ekram Beshir, Mohamed Rida Beshir
Amana publications

As a minority group in North America, Muslims are preoccupied with how to preserve their Islamic identity in their children. With schools playing no role in instilling ethical norms and values in children it becomes the responsibility of the family to undertake that role. The book is an excellent guide on how to take on that role in a holistic Islamic tarbiyyah.

6. Child Education in Islam

Author – Abdullah Nasih Ulwan
Dar-us-Salam Publications

This book has a detailed and exhaustive write-up on child education as per the Islamic rulings. It is divided into three parts. The first part deals with marriage, general feelings of love and tenderness towards children and Islamic rulings concerning a new-born. The second part talks about the responsibility and need for education in faith, physical, intellectual, psychological, sexual and social aspects of life. The third part deals with effective ways in educating a child and the basic principles of child education.  It ends with a recommended list of reading of books and magazines for children, suitable for each age.

 7. Positive parenting in the Muslim home

A new book in the market. Have not got my hand on it yet. More info here.

Do you have any more books to add to the list? Please do comment below.

The second part of this blog post – Pregnancy resources for Muslim moms

7 books for Muslim moms-to-be

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  1. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.
    JazakAllahu khair for this list. Amazing to have all the good books listet.

    Can you make a similar list for fathers-to-be?

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