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Pregnancy resources for Muslim moms + FREE Printable

This is the second blog post under Resources for Muslim moms. In this section, we talk about videos, courses, books and colouring booklet catering to the Muslim pregnant women.

Pregnancy is a life-changing and defining phase of one’s life and as practising Muslim women, we should be aware of the Islamic rules and practices to be mindful of during this period of our life. Here I am sharing some of the resources that I have personally used and has helped me. Pregnancy is a mind-body connection, the more aware and mindful we are of it, the better outcomes we often have. Educating ourselves about not only the physical strength of the human body but also the resilient energy of the human mind will help us in having a positive experience.

Pregnancy resources for Muslim moms

1) Fiqh of Pregnancy and Newborns by Sheikh Omer Suleiman

I came across this pearl of information during my first pregnancy and it helped me immensely. These lectures explain in detail about all the rulings concerning pregnancy, birth control, abortions – when it is permissible and when it is not, bringing up a child with Ihsan and Iman, the high level a pregnant woman is considered, Aqeeqah, Tahneek and other newborn practices. This covers the entire dos and donts of what a pregnant woman should know and do.

The Ilmflix website where I first came across this seems to have been taken down but there are many YouTube videos of the same. This playlist has all the episodes.

2) Amani Birth – A centre of Birth and Learning

You might have heard of Amani birth books and classes through Facebook groups. I first came across this via a review shared on Sisters magazine

From the review –  It was the AMANI birth preparation CD and booklet that gave me a sense of direction. It guided me in a way that stayed true to my religious beliefs. It is short but very much to the point, and it uses Islamic references all the way through to help me understand that labour is something I could survive. The booklet is 32 pages long and is divided into neat sections. I particularly enjoyed reading the thoughtful note for fathers, advice for that initial breastfeed, and the section that is dedicated to relevant and much-needed supplications.

After interacting with an admin on the Amani Facebook page, they said the books are available in Qatar in Jarir bookstores or we can buy it online from their website. I haven’t got time to explore Jarir yet! Hope to get a copy soon.

3) Inherent Birth Pregnancy colouring and affirmation books for Muslimahs

I came across this book when sis Haifa shared it on her Facebook page. I fell in love with this idea and concept especially since it caters to the Muslim women directly.

I recently came across the concept of Positive Affirmations and I know it has already changed my mindset. It is just reaffirming in your mind what your body is already capable of. So I am pretty glad to find an affirmation booklet with the Islamic theme. Want a free e-book titled – Positive Pregnancy Affirmation for Muslim Women – scroll below!

Colouring as I stated before –  COLOURING BOOKS reduces anxiety and creates focus thus relieving stress in a manner similar to meditation. Concentrating on colouring may facilitate the replacement of negative thoughts and images with pleasant ones. Colouring books can be used in daily activity and are a way to get away from technology, which some regard as beneficial to people’s health.

So hopefully this is an excellent resource for pregnant moms around.

Pregnancy for Muslim moms, islamic parenting

4) Faithful birthing by Heileen Zein – Online Teachable courses

A course designed by a Muslimah Doula and childbirth coach for pregnant Muslimah around. The courses via teachable are geared to Muslim women and are from an Islamic perspective. The sister has compiled the video series to provide Muslimah sisters ease in gaining access to crucial information that would immensely help them in having a successful VBAC/Natural birth. There is another course that will help women heal from traumatic birth related experiences. It will include a video series and a workbook that will serve as a guide throughout the process of healing.

She also provides online birth and life coaching services that brings a real and positive transformation to the Muslim women community. She has an active Facebook group catering to support for Pregnant Muslimah – Faithful Birthing

5)Ina May Gaskin- Guide to childbirth

This is not a book with an Islamic theme. In all honesty, there are some uncensored photos. But this book is the most recommended reading material by childbirth educators around the world for women wanting a natural, intervention- free birth and those trying for a VBAC. I can understand why! Having just finished reading it, I am so totally enamoured after knowing the actual physical strength of a woman’s body and I am sad I didn’t know about this fact during my first pregnancy. It begins with positive birth stories and then explains in details about how labour is done in the Farm community, a community headed by Ina May. It talks about the mind-body connections, the effect medical intervention has on the body and labour and age-old techniques and practices used during labour in different cultures of the world. (I have always been curious in Surah Maryam Verse 25 why Allah commands Maryam AS to shake the palm tree – probably there is a reason for it – aids in the final stage of labour!)  If you are pregnant and want to have a natural birth or be informed about it, get hold of this book!


 Are your pregnant? Do you want a list of positive pregnancy affirmations that help you direct your thoughts back to Allah and keep the positive energy flowing?


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  1. wow, that is lot a resources for mums to be. The selection you have chosen are so vast, that I am sure any mum will be excited to try them.

  2. At the risk of over-sharing, we are contemplating having a third child so coming across this list couldn’t have happened at a better time. I love the positive affirmation colouring book and I’m prematurely contemplating buying it (It’s a colouring book if nothing else) !

  3. This is a bundle of information for the expecting moms….wonderful resources dear….you have compiled and made a beautiful post….

  4. Great tips hun! And I love that you recommended Heileen! She was my birth coach and I LOVED working with her mA she’s amazing ? and a very good friend <3

  5. thanks for the article! so many infightful tips.
    I requested the affirmation PDF twice, but haven’t received it. any other option to download it?

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