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Week 13 of 2021 Alhamdulilah! Sharing a picture daily from our small world as part of Project 365

Saturday, March 27, 2021

With increased restrictions here, we are allowed to go to open empty spaces and beaches only now. So went to Thakirah Corniche. Above is the curiosity of pandemic children on seeing crabs! 😀

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Finally! Alhamdulilah Dose 1 of Moderna.

So grateful to this country for providing the Covid 19 vaccines (Pfizer & Moderna) free of cost for all its citizens and residents. Alhamdulilah ❤️

May God keep us safe from this pandemic!

Monday, March 29, 2021

InshAllah 15 more days for Ramadan. I have thought long and hard about how to make it memorable for my children. To do or not to do Ramadan crafts and Activities.

…and finally decided to go my mother’s way! Alhamdulilah.

My mother would start decluttering and organizing the house weeks before Ramadan. Now I understand she did that so that the house would run on auto-pilot mode during Ramadan and she could utilize that time for Ibadah.

She would prepare and freeze a few dishes – again another great hack to save time during Ramadan. I would often help in mincing the chicken while we had some random conversations. Little did I know then, those simple moments of Ramadan prep, we were creating memories that I would one day talk about to my own children.

I would often see her busy with Tahmeed, Tasbeeh and Tahleel. The words of Praise and Glory – I still remember her quiet moments on the prayer mat or being in remembrance of God while she was cooking. She increased her recitation of The Holy Book and her duas and her sadaqah and her i’tikhaf. She created a sense of excitement and joy in our household. She made new dishes for the evening Iftars. She was so so so patient with our tantrums and noise.

It was this excited spirit of quiet Ibadah that she imbibed in us that I took with me to Bangalore – a place where I was the only one fasting in my friends circle. Even when there was no spirit or sign of Ramadan around, memories of her exuberance and excitement during this Holy month helped me to celebrate and commemorate Ramadan by myself, in that far away place from home when I felt most isolated!

…and that I decided is what I want to share with my own children – the excitement, the signs of increased Ibadah, the delicious food, the family time, the constant remembrance of the Almighty and Pathiri -the soft delicious Pathiri!

Allahumma Bhalighna Ramadan.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Book Review – The Rice Mother

The Rice Mother is a multigenerational story of a girl from Ceylon who moved to Malaysia after her marriage. The story spans nearly 85 years and starts from Lakshmi’s mother in Ceylon and ends with the tragic story of Lakshmi’s great grand child, Nisha.

I expected a read like Pachinko but this book is not so enthralling. To be frank, I skipped many pages because they were too verbose and just really monotonous. Or did the author want to portay the monotonous nature of a woman’s life in some cultures of the world?

The book portrays the resolve of matriarch who wants to give a better life to her children but her constant iron-fisted nature also leaves a scar on her children, sadly.

It is a great book to know of the culture and traditions of the expat community in Malaysia who cling on to their cuisine and culture of their home land.

⭐️ -2/5

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Book Review : Positive Parenting in the Muslim Home

An excellent read I would recommend for all young (and old) Muslim moms.

It combine the Positive Parenting philosophy with the traditions of the islamic world. The book give examples and discussion of certain common problems and issues that arise between parents and children. It also talks about less spoken topics in our community such as sexuality, drugs and other teenage issues.

I am sure i will come back to this book as my children cross different stages of their life. InshAllah.

Wholeheartedly recommend!

⭐️ 5/5

Thursday, April 1, 2021

During my pre-marriage days, I used to write very specific duas for Ramadan. Almost all of them have been answered in some form or the other SubhanaAllah Alhamdulilah ❤️

Marriage, motherhood and with two of the pregnancies either immediately before or immediately after Ramadan, meant my Ramadan duas were not so intense as before. Either I was too busy or too tried or too sleepy or too busy or too tired or too sleepy – you get the gist.

Then came Lockdown Ramadan 2020 with absolutely no other outside responsibilities. And Alhamdulilah my kids were slightly bigger now and didnt need me full time Alhamdulilah.

So i tried to recreate my spirit of Ramadan from the pre-marriage days. One of the things I did was write down very very very specific duas – In praise of the Lord, Calling Him by His Names & Attributes, Salawat upon the Beloved Prophet, Duas for the Akhirah, Duas for the matters of Dunya, Duas for Family and Friends, Duas for the world and community at large.

That was one of the best part of my Lockdown Ramadan 2020. To be in a silent communication with my Lord. To speak of my inner fears. To tell my most intense dreams of the future. To ask for His Mercy. And for His Forgiveness.

I pray that the forthcoming Lockdown Ramadan 2.0 also help us in strengthening our relationship and communication with our Lord and dim down the surrounding noise.

Allahumma Bhalighna Ramadan

PS: Coming up on the blog – How to make a custom Ramadan Journal
InshAllah ❤️

Friday, April 2, 2021

As my daughter starts her new school and Grade 1 this week, I was de cluttering her assignment sheets and books of KG-2 when I came across this project depicting Lockdown Summer 2020.

The irony is that she never submitted this project because she never went back to school after summer since the Covid numbers were still high then. ( We were in Phase 2&3 of reopening then when the beach was the only solace for our pent-up toddler energy!)

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15 Replies to “Books, Ramadan & the Vaccine! – Week 13, 2021 – Project 365”

  1. It feels like they were at home for so long rather than in school. Hopefully your daughter’s 1st day in a new grade goes well for her.

  2. Congratulations for having the vaccine.
    It must be an exciting time as your daughter starts school. I hope she will have a lovely time, enjoy her studies, and make friends.

  3. That is great news you have had dose one of the vaccine. I had my first does on Saturday and felt rotten Sunday but I am getting over it now.
    It sounds like you have a great plan for Ramadan. It is very interesting to read about it.
    Good luck to your daughter starting Grade 1. x

  4. Lovely to be able to go out to the beach and glad you have had your first vaccine. Your mother’s preparation time for Ramadan sounds so lovely – what wonderful memories she created for you and I am sure you will create similar ones with your girls. I like your Ramadan journal and one plus of lockdown is that removal of outside distractions isn’t it?. #project365

    1. Glad you managed to get out to the beach! We haven’t made it yet since lockdown easing this time but hope to this weekend.

      Your Ramadan prep sounds very thorough. I am glad to hear your pre marriage duas were answered.

      You read lots, I need to up my game!

  5. I love the first photo, very important to get out whilst you can. Yay for the vaccine. I’m glad so many countries are giving them out for free. Love your stories about the Ramadan preparation. I can;t wait to see how you celebrate. #354

  6. Glad to hear you got your vaccine, hopefully you don’t get any side effects. Your mother’s preparation time for Ramadan sounds wonderful, I love carrying on family traditions, or adapting them to suit us

  7. Oh I do enjoy a beach trip, glad you have got the vaccine we are still waiting here. Although my husband has had it. Sounds like your preperations for Ramadan are going well.

  8. Glad you have had your vaccine and I’m looking forward to my birthday next month when I’ll go up in the priorites and get mine quicker! Your Ramadan preparations and thoughtfulness sound lovely. #project365

  9. Glad you have managed to have your first vaccination. I felt happier after mine. Lovely to see you can still get out for fresh air, but life in a pandemic certainly takes some getting used too. Things are starting to open up again here but its been a long four months. Not sure how much longer I could have took! Good to hear that your preparations for Ramadan are going well.

  10. What beautiful memories of your Mother and Ramadan! Family traditions are important. Love the photo of your little girls looking at the crabs, such a special moment captured. Glad for you that you’re so excited about the vaccination, hope it went well.

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