New IKEA Children’s Products – 2016

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I love IKEA. Living in the near vicinity of IKEA Qatar, many a weekend night-time strolls are in this home furnishing centre.

I was quite excited to see their new catalogue release advertisement all over the place and went to look out for all the new kids stuff. I was not disappointed !





Here are some of the new products I could find.

FLITIG Cot (Qr. 149) –

IKEA play pen, cot, baby

I love the travel cot we have. It is our play pen and is solely what encouraged independent play in our baby. It is the only place where I can leave my toddler safely when I want to take a quick bathroom trip or cook lunch. So when IKEA comes with a similar product within a very affordable budget range, I am beyond excited. The product looks comfortable and safe. I haven’t used it yet so no reviews. (Just outside observation).








FLISAT Children’s desk, adjustable (Qr. 345) –IKEA desk, children

This kids desk is another innovative product from IKEA.  We all know toddler”s obsession with colouring every possible surface. So why not give them a desk with rolls of chart paper which they can just pull as and when they are done. So exciting.  Haha. It is multi functional with storage area and also the height can be adjusted thus making it usable for many years.





FLISAT Children’s table (Qr. 245) –IKEA table, children's

Another variant of the kids desk with storage right below. A perfect play for art and craft work.Just pull up the table top and voila , in goes all the toys and the house is clean and the guest can arrive to a spotless place. 😀








TUFFING Bunk Bed Frame (Qr. 395) –

Ikea children




Again budget and limited-space friendly




DUKTIG Play Kitchen ( Qr. 395) –


IKEA Kitchen, play

Another cute product is this play kitchen.  At a reduced price this will be a hit product.

DRÖMLAND Nursing bag (Qr. 75) –



At a budgeted price it sure does have many pockets  for all baby stuff and is quite compact.


SNIGLAR Wardrobe (QR. 245) –


IKEA Wardrobe


This kid’s wardrobe is perfect for people on a budget and fits perfectly into small space. There is just one sliding door. DO NOT forget to secure it to the wall to avoid any mishap.

FLISAT Doll house/Wall Shelf (Qr. 125) –



Cuteness overloaded with more cute miniature furniture’s fit for the doll house. Want to be a child again?


FLISAT Book display (Qr. 99) –

flisat-book-display__0410024_PE570087_S4How cute!(did I overuse the word in this post? )

HIMMELSK Muslin Square (Qr, 19 for 2).


For any cloth diapering moms around here, these act as perfect flat diaper, besides other use such as burp clothes, bib etc.


Some of the earlier products like the MÅLA Easel (Qr. 75) and the ANTILOP High chair (Qr. 59) are available at a reduced price.


Looking forward to more night strolls to see if I have missed out on any other product.


(All product pictures copyrighted by Inter IKEA Systems B.V..)

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47 Replies to “New IKEA Children’s Products – 2016”

  1. I love Ikea too. Too bad the nearest is about 3 hours away from us, so we mostly order online. Love the products you’ve lined up here, especially the children’s desk 🙂

  2. I need that book display! We have a zillion books and as an avid reader and mom to a five year old chapter book reader, I want to keep them all! Love IKEA. That place is seriously dangerous.

  3. I love Ikea too! Love the play kitchen. Can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to play with it! I am contemplating between just buying one or making her dad make her one!

  4. Everything is so good from book display to wadrobe,perfect things for our little brothers/sisters & children.❤
    I hope I can come to Qatar & buy these amazing things for my little sister but yes my aunt lives there i’m going to tell them right now.haha
    Thanks for sharing.?
    -Team Ayeina.

  5. Okay, so I am an IKEA freak! I absolutely love walking through IKEA and just browsing; but this post makes me want to have a child because all of these items are absolutely adorable. The last time I was in IKEA with my mother-in-law, she started looking at cribs, trying to bribe my husband and I to start a family now. Thank you for sharing!

    – AH

  6. IKEA is so just so irresistible. I love browsing through their products as much as I don’t like shopping.

    These are awesome products you have shared. They are bound to make the home beautiful and organised and obviously make the kiddos happy.

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