Letters to daughter from mom

Letters to my daughter #6

Dear little girl,Letters to daughter from mom

I have meant to write this for a little while now. Well, busy with an ever busy toddler 😀

You have blossomed into a lovely hyperactive one year old girl. Alhamdulilah. My heart swells in pride over your every milestone – every step and every word. ( I hope I don’t become one of those irritating mothers who keep on praising their own kids while in conversation with others! )

I have just folded and kept away your old clothes for the age range of 9 to 12 month old. How fast is time flying?! How fast are your growing up?! It looks like just yesterday that we bought you home from the hospital. .. your Uncles, Aunt and Cousin happily welcoming you in to our mesaieed home.

Doha holds a special place in my heart. It is where I grew up. This place has been the witness to all my childhood and school memories. Some of my closest friends are here. This place has become more dear to me ever since your arrival.. you were born here, you are growing up here! There are so many differences from my childhood to yours….Doha has grown immensely and is quite a family friendly place now. I hope and pray you have a childhood much better than mine to which you can look back fondly as I look back to mine. I shall do everything possible in my capacity to ensure that.

What warms my heart everyday is the strong bond you share with your dad. How you smile widely once he is back from office or how you jump into his hands when he has changed into his Tshirt and jeans, knowing he is going out. May you be the balm and peace for all his heart-ache.  Ameen.

letters to baby

You have started standing and walking with support. Slowly you are reaching last of your physical milestones. It gives me immense happiness yet a bittersweet feeling. The time that is flying so fast. Have I kissed you enough? Loved you enough?

I take photos and videos almost everyday. The first day you crawled, sat, stood – I have so many photos in varied poses. Yet there are so many moments which cannot be captured by a photograph or described in a paragraph. The happiness on your face on seeing the red light on the switchboard once we turn off the bedroom light, your curiosity about  the evening shadow that falls on the bedroom wall,  your observations skills while I cook, your joy when you are around kids your age, your exhilaration while playing with water during bath time, your energy during floor time, the calm peace on your face while you are sleeping. When days go by and life take its toll on me, hope I do remember these photo-less journaled-less memories too!

As you grow, I am growing too. As you learn, I am learning too.


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31 Replies to “Letters to my daughter #6”

  1. Oh, this is so so sooooo sweet, and makes me think of my own boy who isn’t much older than your daughter. My son learned to walk a few months ago, and he’s now running everywhere he goes! It’s truly so bittersweet how quickly things pass, it definitely makes you want to hold them a little tighter. Thanks for sharing <3

  2. Oh this is gorgeous! What a good idea! Definitely an idea to jot down for when I eventually have kids <3

  3. This is such a sweet gesture. Loved reading through them. The joys and feelings of motherhood cant be written better by anyone other than a mother herself

  4. You, my fellow blogger, are bound to be an amazing mother, in-sha Allah. This is the first time I’ve read any of these letters, but I can tell that you have a heart of gold that shines with love for your little princess.

    May Allah bless her, you, and her dad. Ameen.

  5. Oh well. I totally understand how us mums have to keep things in pending because there is other kids related stuff that is always more inportant. I am sure your daughter will love reading this when she’s able to read if herself. Lots of duas.

  6. As you grow,I am growing too.As you learn I am learning too!
    Wow so beautiful❤
    Actually I am a bit emotional right now after reading this.
    I wish my mother could write a letter like this to me too but yes definitely I am going to write one for her ?
    I love her so much.
    I love this so much,what a beautiful gift to your daughter from you.?

  7. The love of a mother is indescribable… Allahuma yubaarik!!!

    And there’s so much to share having the same ‘growing up’ place. May Allah bless you both with beneficial years together. This is such a heartwarming entry.

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