Book Review – When I grow up by Sundus Iraq

Growing up one of the most oft asked questions we hear from elders, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’. Our creativity works overtime and we give answers depending on our mood and situation – batman, astronaut, teacher so on and so forth.

The book ‘When I grow up – A Preschooler ‘s daydreams’ is written and illustrated by Sundus Iraq. The story talks of a little girl who dreams about what she wants to do when she grows up. It ranges from something only an innocent mind can think of – to drink from a glass cup to helping people in need. 

The book is illustrated by the author herself, in vivid colours. The bright coloured background also adds to the appealing nature, thus making it attractive and colourful for its young readers. There is simultaneous Arabic text too (along with English) making it easy for kids starting to learn the language.

The book captures the vivid imagination, the naive innocence, the never-ending curiosity and the shiny hope of a preschooler.

We often forget the changes we encounter as we become an adult. Pencil to pen, plastic to glass cup, a cycle with balancing wheels to getting it removed. Simple things which acts as a transformation guide that we are slowly growing up.

Adult perspective – As we grow up we often become complacent in our careers and personal life. We rarely give a thought on ‘What can we do to improve our self?’ ‘What can we become tomorrow? ‘ We fail to dream more, once we have attained a degree, clinched  that coveted job or built our dream home. We forget there is always more…

This book reminds me of that simple fact – to keep dreaming of a better, bigger me tomorrow and to work towards it. Towards self actualization. Towards Khair (goodness), in this world and next.

Also, as a mom, some one is looking up to me, learning and absorbing every thought and action I do!

(The book was sent for review by the publisher. All opinions and comments are my own)

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20 Replies to “Book Review – When I grow up by Sundus Iraq”

  1. When I grow up- that sounds a great topic to think, write and talk about.Especially to children.
    I loved the way you reviewed including the adult thoughts too.
    “We fail to dream more, once we have attained a degree, clinched that coveted job or built our dream home. We forget there is always more…” Right said Shahira. Agree. Totally.

  2. This book looks like a must have for the kids bookshelf and I love that it is in English and Arabic! Do you know if it is available in Australia?

  3. Looks like a great book for kids. And a great review by you! We should never be afraid to dream big and as you are dreaming you have to work hard towards it and keep praying to Allah subhana wa ta ‘ala for the successful outcome

  4. I’d love to introduce this to Yusuf to get him thinking about what he’d like to be inshaAllah! Thank you for your detailed review!

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