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CDS Marvy


Shell – It has a shell with two givenphotogrid_1462055264755.jpg
inserts. The shell has outer PUL with 100% Polyester microsuede body lining. The shell has 3  riows of snaps for rise settings and two rows for waist/hip snaps with crossover snaps on the tabs. Wide crotch area. There are elastics sewed in the leg area as well as back waist area having ruffled edges which gives this diaper a beautiful look.

Inserts – The longer insert is made of 70% viscose from bamboo and 30% cotton topped with 100% Polyester microsuede

The booster or the second smaller insert is made of 100 % organic cotton. The bigger insert is snapped onto the shell with the help of one snap in the front and two at the back while the longer ended is folded over it. If using the booster, it is placed in between the two layer and snapped onto the bigger insert.


  • Extremely absorbent once it is fully prepped. Can be used for long naps, journeys and night time. ( Since I already have an amazing night time option, I did not try this at night!)
  • Trim fitting.
  • Soft PUL. Beautiful prints. (Man, who wouldn’t love a clown on the bum?! :D)
  • Snug fit. Gentle elastics so minimal elastic marks on baby’s skin ( This is so important to me!)
  • Designed in India  (Power to home grown  start-ups and women entrepreneurs!)
  • Ease of use – hence suitable for daycare and other primary caregivers who find fitted+covers difficult.

Cons –

  • Ideally the shell shouldn’t get wet and the inserts should be in place. So must the frills be. But with babies there is no ideal. With my wiggly baby the inserts gets bunched up –> shell gets wet –> if the flares are down and baby is wearing jeggings/leggings etc there is at thin faint wet line. ( When raised this issue in the fan group, no one else had this issue. So this might be an isolated case for me!)
  • Solid waste cleaning is difficult – This is an issue with the All in Two system more than this particular diaper.


Other remarks

For the correct fit of a diaper, the folded rise should be placed up. But in this particular diaper since there is a snap at that position, the folded rise has to be placed down. This leads to a small fold in the leg area.




Verdict – Buy  CDS Marvy again or no? Recommend to others?



(This is NOT a sponsored post. Purchased by me. Opinions and pictures are mine)

CDS MARVY review

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