Caesarean Awareness Month

April is International Caesarean Awareness month.

Just hours after my Csection, I heard one of the first demeaning comments about ‘ladies who have C section’. And so it increased from there.

Amongst the Indian mindset, it makes a girl less of a woman if she had a C section.  She is not brave, they say. She cannot bear the pain they say. ( When did bearing pain become a virtue?) But that is far from reality.

Do you know the intensity of the excruciating pain when you get up from the hospital bed after having your body cut at the exact point where you will bent. (For a miniscule version of this pain..ever had had a cut on the bends of your fingers. Yeah that ×10000000s)
Or the horror of taking a few steps just 12 hours after surgery.
Or the sadness that you cannot sit upright to feed your child properly.
Or the trauma of the surgical room.

I saw my daughters fetal heart beat plummet from 150 to 52 in just a few minutes. It was the single most scariest moment of my life. Had it not been for timely emergency C section,  my 9 months of hope and waiting would have resulted in a disaster which my mind and body would never have been able to bear. So Alhamdulilah for C sections. Alhamdulilah for advancement in medical care.

Yes people in the past did not have C sections but so was a high infant mortality rate.


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