Review #2 – Charlie Banana Pocket Diapers

( This is not a sponsored post neither have I received these diapers for review. Purchased by me and opinions and pictures are mine )

Charlie Banana One Size Pocket 2 in 1 reusable diapers.

Outer – They are made of soft PUL in vibrant colours. They have cross over tabs, hip snaps and a row of waist snaps. These helps in making it to the smallest size even for new borns.


Microfleece inner layer. The opening for placing the inserts lie in the front of the diaper and they are covered well by a flap so not even a mm of the MF insert touches baby’s skin. The rise setting for Charlie banana pocket diapers differ from other mainstream cloth diapers. They are not done by poppers instead they have elastic on the innermost sides of the diaper which are adjusted similar to a bra strap and has size XS S M M L L L etc. Slightly difficult to handle at first but with usage gets quite easy and you can just set it once and not have to fiddle with it until baby grows and needs a rise up.
Narrow crotch area helping with the trim fit look.

Insert – Two microfiber inserts come with the diaper. One medium /large and one small. Quite absorbent than MF inserts from other brands. They have a CB tag hence while stuffing the inserts in the pocket you can place it in such a way that the tag are at the front thus helping to remove the wet insert by just pulling the tag, after use.

Other features – They are marketed as hybrid 2 in 1 system meaning they can be used with disposable inserts making it easy for travel and day care. Gentle elastic which are covered by the fleece layer

Gentle elastics leading to minimal red marks on babys skin
Softest microfleece ever.
Trim fit.
Bright colours.
Absorbent MF inserts

For diapering two kids at one time,would be difficult to change the rise straps settings always.
Since elastics are covered by fleece layer, they can wick moisture onto baby’s dresses especially if wearing leggings/jeans etc.

Other remarks
I have an entire stash of Organic Cotton Cloth diapers and I find it best for my baby. So the microfiber inserts are not exactly my favourite. That being said CB does market another Organic set with Organic cotton inner and MF+hemp inserts. I would love to get my hands on them.

Availability in Qatar – Not stocked in any shops here. Can order online from Amazon or Target international  (humungous shipping! ) Local BST is the best bet. I do wish we get them here since it could help people to get in cloth diapering more.



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