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Review – Islamic Thinking App 

I love quotes. Quotes with an Islamic twist – then I am a fan! During my initial days on twitter, I came across an interesting account @IslamicThinking.  This was way before the  copy-paste-quote-account trend had taken over twitter. The account usually updated relevant quotes, stories and some times, relevant inspirational anecdotes.


A few months ago, they announced the launching of the Islamic Thinking app. I downloaded promptly and I am quite impressed with it.


The shade palette of the entire app is shades of yellow in tune with their icon which comes on the first screen.
The home screen has the English and Arabic calendar dates. Along with a menu bar and search option on the top.

For each day there are 8 quotes.  Quotes with  either a secular theme/Islamic theme/ words from a poem or even verses from the Holy Qur’an. Each quote has the option of being favourited or even shared with your friend via the share button!


There are also images, either from their twitter page or other pictures relevant to Islamic History  and also a story section – short stories with a beneficial message. (Many of them were earlier updated on their twitter page long ago and I used to be a fan of their #storytime on twitter! )


There is a notification option in the menu section wherein you can set if you want to receive a quote notification daily or weekly. Also the number of times. (Which quote lover wouldn’t like to read an interesting quote updated on their phone notification bar!)
Except for verses from Holy Qur’an, quotes by Nouman Ali Khan and Rumi poems,  etc, many of them have not been attributed to the original writer – the only con I could find. A suggestion would be to attribute the original writer (credit where credit is due) and maybe give an background story of quote (where applicable) to give a better understanding of the quote.
Simple and inspiring app for quote lovers. I wish the Islamic Thinking team success and Bharakah in their endeavours.

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13 Replies to “Review – Islamic Thinking App ”

  1. Sounds brilliant – an amazing way to get inspiration right in your hands. Will insha Allah check it out.

    I love motivational quotes, and those that make you ponder deep. I agree writers should be duly credited. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Just downloaded it 🙂 thank you for sharing. The not crediting is a big bug bear of mine, but I’m going to leave that as feedback in my review of the app – perhaps they’ll implement it if lots of us ask 🙂

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