Review – Popolini One Size Fitted cloth diapers

I have been cloth diapering my baby for 4 (out of 6) months now and must I say, I am a cloth-diaper-addict mom now 🙂 My go to diapers for both day time and night time is Popolini One Size Fitted diapers. Here is a review of this great product.


It is a fitted diaper made of 85% Organic Cotton and 15% Polyester. It comes with a snap in booster (also made of organic cotton) which can be used for heavy wetters or night time. This diaper is marketed as a birth to potty diaper though it could look a little bulky for newborns/very lean babies.


For  using it on the smallest size, the front part of the diaper can be folded outwards which reveals four snaps. This can be snapped with the back snaps as per the waist size of the baby. For my baby I used this small size until she was 4.5 months old ie 7.5 kgs.  This diaper has elastics on the leg area and the back of the diaper which are covered by soft binding.  Hence the


elastic are very baby-skin friendly and leaves very little to no marks. There is a wide crotch area which has extra organic cotton layer underneath and these diapers are generally bigger and wider than most. These fitted diapers have to be used with a water proof cover.

No leaks. No blow outs. No hassles.
No or very faint elastic marks.


Natural materials used.
Lasts easily for 4 hours even without the booster. (Though I change every 2 hours)
Once baby reaches 5 to 6 months of age  and have passed the front folding phase,they look quite trim and slim.
Worth for the money diapers.

Gets crunchy with wash. (Apparently gets softened if using a tumble dryer)
For wet sensitive babies, they have to be used with a stay dry layer or a liner.
A unique situation I found with my chubby baby is while she reached the 4 th month stage, the four snaps (on the inside which gets folded to front)were not enough. Meaning the waist area was tight for her and the leg area were perfect size. Hence I had to use the fold down method though it was tight on the waist. (After notifying the company of my situation, I was sent a waist extender which unfortunately got lost in the mail. Sigh. I have a feeling we might require them again when we reach the 14-15kg limit)

For people not crazy about prints and go purely for functionality these are one of the best diapers in the market.

Rating 4.9/5 (Yes, I really love them!)


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