An ode to my daughter.

01/08/2015  16:55

I heard your first cry.
‘Everything is fine! ‘
Traumatic ordeal – forgotten.

Months of waiting and praying
In my hands finally.
So tiny. So precious.

Your birth taught me
the strength of my body,
the resilience of my mind,
the power of prayers.

Two strangers united
in love and faith
to bring forth
the perfect miracle of Allah.

Words do no justice
to the multitude of emotions.
Photographs donot capture
the essence of my feelings.

Your name is a reminder to me
to praise The One who
blessed me with You.

An ODe to my daughter - The coolness of my eyes. Alhamdulilah

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36 Replies to “An ode to my daughter.”

  1. Hi Shahira – many many congratulations … what a beautiful poem with some lovely words. I’m so happy for you both – enjoy these first few days with her and recover well … lots of happy times ahead .. with many thoughts – Hilary

  2. Dear sister,
    Salaam alaikum and congratulations on the arrival of your daughter πŸ™‚
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  3. MashaAllah your poem was such an amazing reminder of the feeling I felt at the birth of both of my daughters. Sadly, sometimes we forget what a blessing and miracle it is. I need to be nudged to remember that even though they may not be small anymore nor can I hold them in my arms and cradle them, I will always hold them in my heart.

  4. Masaha’Allah becoming a mother and holding your child in your arms for the first time certainly is a blessing. Lovely poem

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