Book Review : Mommy, Who is Allah?

Book Review : Mommy, Who is Allah?

Name of the Book: Mommy, Who is Allah?

Author: Zainab Jones

Illustrations: Vicky Amrullah

Publisher: Djarabi Kitabs Publishing

Availability: (Affiliate link) Amazon


Every Muslim parent comes across the question – Who is Allah? – from their child eventually. I had earlier reviewed another excellent book which help introduces to children the concept of different names and attributes of Allah. Similarly, this books talks about the name Al Khaliq and explain this attribute – The Creator.

Review: Mommy, Who is Allah?

This book is about a wise mother and her curious child who notices every thing that the mother is doing. He notices his mother doing Tasbeeh with her fingers after her Salaah and inquires about what she is doing. To which she replies she is remembering Allah and then comes the inevitable question from the child – Mommy, Who is Allah?

The mother explains by way of examples that Allah is the Creator of all things – the sun, the moon, the stars, the birds, the clouds, rain, even the day and the night.  She makes it interesting to her child and comes down to his level by enacting it out thus teaching her child an abstract concept which is actually above his level of comprehension in a way he can understand and grasp. Finally, with many examples, the little child understand Allah created everything. He is Al Khaliq.

There are two very subtle points I loved in this book, ‘Mommy, Who is Allah?’ that we do not read in mainstream children’s book. The name of the child is Abdul Rahman – a name beloved to Allah. How often do we see characters in books with the name Abdul Rahman?  The second point is – Any parent who has prayed with their child in tow knows what happens in Salaah while we go to Sujood – A child’s reflex action is to climb over their parent. This is such a common occurrence in any Muslim household that I was really excited when I came across this very funny situation in a story book. How often do we find every day funny antics of a Muslim household portrayed in mainstream literature?


When I review a children’s book, I often look for new things I can teach my child through the book. There are many points we can extract from this book too.

Lessons we can teach our children with the help of the book, ‘Mommy, Who is Allah?’

1) Introduction to names of Allah. His attributes.  Beginning with Al Khaliq.
2) Etiquettes while praying Salaah with your parents – sit still, pray with them or do not disturb
3) Using the famous everyday children’s rhymes ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ to teach about Allah
4) How is rain formed?
5) Different profession and how they help us in day-to-day life.


Overall, a great beginner book for preschoolers and young children to start teaching them about the different attributes of Allah.
Book Review: Mommy, Who is Allah?
 ( An E-book was sent for review. All opinions and viewpoints are my own)

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