Muslim Women’s Bookshelf (C): Communicating with Allah – Rediscovering Prayer

Book: Communicating with Allah – Rediscovering Prayer

Author: Bassam Saeh


Welcome to yet another post in our series on A-Z inspirational reads! In this post, we’ll be reading about the book, “Communicating with Allah – Rediscovering Prayer” by Bassam Saeh.


Dr Bassam Saeh holds a BA in Arabic literature from Damascus University, Syria, and an MA & PhD in modern Arabic poetry from Cairo University. He has been Head of the Arabic Department in Tishreen University, Syria (1977) and has taught in a number of other universities, including: Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Oxford. He was the founder and principal of Oxford Academy for Advanced Studies (1990 2005). He has been presenter of several radio and TV programs and author of several books, the latest: Muslims Facing Islam, Christians Facing Christianity (Legacy Publishing, 2008).


The book is a true masterpiece that delves into the essence of Salah and how it can be a means of connecting with Allah. With practical examples, and in a contemporary idiom, the author charts a path for the seeker of God’s pleasure to attain a deeper sense of consciousness and devotion in prayer. The short chapters of this work are designed to be read and reread as constant reminders for us to renew our commitment to the Divine in our prayer.


This review by Sister Nikhat Fatima explains in detail all the takeaways from the book.


“Communicating with Allah” will truly transform our prayer experience. The advice from this book will help us to approach Salah with a sense of mindfulness and focus that we were lacking.

In conclusion, “Communicating with Allah” is a must-read for every Muslim who wants to deepen their understanding of Salah and develop a stronger connection with Allah. The book is written in a simple and relatable style that makes it accessible to readers of all levels. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to rediscover the beauty and significance of prayer in Islam.




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