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Hello world!

Hello ! Assalamualaikum.

Stepping into the world of WordPress – one dizzy foot at a time. I have been on the blogosphere since 2008. To be precise, a personal blog on blogspot. I intend to explore a different genre of writing, on a different platform, hence the frog jump. Writing has been my outlet for untold emotions, unsaid words, unheard regrets and unfulfilled dreams.

My goal for 2014 is to participate in Writing Prompts and engage myself more in creative writing. The theme of the posts in this blog will mostly revolve around faith, spirituality and books. I seek to find through this vast interconnected blog world, like minded people – who enjoy the small moments of life and find beauty in the inner crevices of everyday events.

A baby step on wordpress, a giant leap for iihahs.

(Inspired after reading the Zero to Hero Challenge)

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