generation gap

Generation gap

The generation before me did not grow up using Google for their school projects. The generation after mine would not have used Encyclopaedia Britannica for the same. We used both ! The generation before mine did not know what it was to listen to one’s favourite music over and over…Continue reading Generation gap

Colours of Nature

Do we have a name for every shade of colour seen in nature? Glory be to the Creator ! (Linking it to ABC Wednesday and the letter for the week is C)

In her shoes

I have been having a strained relationship with my mom for a week now. Hence, when I saw the DPChallenge, I thought why not write a post from her shoes, on why I am being a difficult child suddenly! ¬† ” I donot understand why. Why is she hurting me…Continue reading In her shoes

Weekly Photo Challenge : Juxtaposition

Merging of blue and green. Kerala, South India – commonly known as God’s own country. (Weekly Prompt : Juxtaposition from the Daily Post)

Award Galore – 1

Nearly 10+ days ago, I got a notification filled-with-chocolate-and-cookies from The Mad Muslimah stating she had nominated me for the Sunshine Award. Wohoo. Alhamdulilah.  Thank you so much, The Mad Muslimah for the award, my first one in the blogosphere. Guys, head over to her blog to read of this…Continue reading Award Galore – 1

The first grandchild of the family is always welcomes with much fanfare and adulation


You are our biggest blessing in the tiniest package. You are our heartfelt prayers answered. Your soft baby voice is our antidote to sadness. Your distress cries breaks our heart. Your firsts – smile, step, word are eagerly awaited. Your antics are our daily dose of laughter. You epitomise the…Continue reading Amna

Weekly Photo Challenge : Windows

….because, eventually after all the darkness, light will shine through. (Prompt titled ‘Windows’ from Daily Post)

Humour - an ingredient of their 55 years long relationship

Sharing their laughter

As her breakfast was turning cold, she was frantically searching for her dentures. Holding a newspaper, he screamed out from the living room, “Have you seen my glasses?”. Quietly assessing their situation he gives out a loud chuckle only to be met by a quizzical and angry look from his…Continue reading Sharing their laughter

Unique in His uniqueness

Every leaf that flutters. Every branch that sways. Every foliage that has changed it shade to the autumn yellow. Every dew drop on every petal of every colour – red or purple, magenta or white. Every secret of the blue sky. ¬†Every sunset that bursts with the brilliant chroma of…Continue reading Unique in His uniqueness

Soulmate - A yearning for love


For 25 years, I have lived away from you. I dont recall the first time I felt the sorrow of being separated from you. I dont know your name or your likes. Heck, I dont know even know when and where we will eventually meet. I am passionately awaiting your…Continue reading Soulmate

Happiness - Different definition as we age

Happiness – Different definitions

At the age of 7, happiness meant having a set of Faber Castell colour pencils. At age 10, it meant procuring a Tamagotchi. At 12, it meant securing the highest grades in school. At the age of 16, I thought happiness would evade me, have I not had a mobile…Continue reading Happiness – Different definitions

Teaching life sans words


She gets excited when she notices I am wearing a new dress. She rubs her thumb with the index finger when she is bored. She is scared of the cat, yet she makes sure her mom has not forgotten to keep food on a plate, near the back door. She…Continue reading She.

Writing,Job Goal

Hello world!

Hello ! Assalamualaikum. Stepping into the world of WordPress – one dizzy foot at a time. I have been on the blogosphere since 2008. To be precise, a personal blog on blogspot. I intend to explore a different genre of writing, on a different platform, hence the frog jump. Writing…Continue reading Hello world!