Award Galore – 1

Nearly 10+ days ago, I got a notification filled-with-chocolate-and-cookies from The Mad Muslimah stating she had nominated me for the Sunshine Award. Wohoo. Alhamdulilah.  Thank you so much, The Mad Muslimah for the award, my first one in the blogosphere. Guys, head over to her blog to read of this brave heart’s story in dealing with difficulties. May God bless you, dear!

So here I go in stating 11 random facts about me :

1)  I am an Indian bought up in the Middle East and a nomad at heart.     
2)  My faith is one of the most important aspect of my life.
3)  They call me a dentist, yet I am irresistibly attracted towards chocolate.
4)  Shy and introvert.
5)  I have been asked if I am from Maldives, Somalia or Qatar though I am 100% Indian.
6)  I am used to the remark of, “I know someone who looks like you.” 😀
7)  I am the only medico in my family of Engineers.
8)  I have a weird memory. I remember dates, facts, people’s story, blog posts from eons ago.
9)  I went through a serious Quarter Life Crisis nearly a year ago.
10)  I want to be a Pediatric Dentist or do my Master’s in Public Health.  Insha’Allah
11) I love Math. Anything to do with numbers.

The next part of the award is to nominate 10 other people, but I am new out here and haven’t interacted with that many bloggers. InshaAllah, in due time, I shall nominate once I interact with other bloggers.

Thank you,  once again ! Good day.                        

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