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After graduating with Bachelor’s of Dental Surgery, the options available for an Indian dentist are :

1) Work in a Private/Government hospital or go into private practice.
2) Clear the Post Graduate Entrance Examinations.
3) Post Graduation abroad. Clear the required Qualifying exams of the country.

While searching for option 3, I came across an exciting degree in a reputed college in a beautiful place.

I am referring to Master’s in Public Health (MPH) from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, UK. I was quite thrilled on coming across it since it fulfilled all my criteria. My eventual goal is to get in to the Public Health Sector, hence the degree is a solid base for fulfilling my dreams. During my undergraduate programme,  my favourite subject was Preventive and Community Dentistry,  the subject which I eventually secured top scores in. Epidemiology, Statistcs and Ethics are concurrent topics both in the subject of Preventive and Community Dentistry and in the Master’s programme. My love for research, numbers, health sector and statistics can be put to use all at once, in this degree. Voila !

University of Edinburgh is ranked 17 among the list of top colleges in the world, according to OS World rankings, 2013. A world class infrastructure, modern amenities, reputed faculty members, alumni members who form the top echelons of society, with significant contribution to the intellectual and scientific field and a history dating back to nearly 400 years are some of the reasons for the University of Edinburgh to have secured the coveted top slot. An active cosmopolitan student community showcasing their skills in  media, sports, research helps in the growth of the University. The University is ranked 15th in the world for the employability of graduates. Do I need another reason to join UoE?

Being a nature lover and one who appreciates slow paced life, clean and hygienic cities with a tranquil life allure me. Hence, my reason to chose Scotland for my post-graduate study. With one of the lowest crime rates in the world, it is a place where over protective Desi families can safely send their girls, without a worry ! After going through countless online articles and student forums, I have noticed people significantly stating the religious tolerance and open minded nature of the people in Scotland – an important factor for me – a religiously practising Hijab clad girl. I would be disappointed to be in a place where they treat me as an outsider due to my brown skin and extra fabric on my head. As far as I have read and understood, I believe Scotland welcomes every student of every country in every shade with religion and language, no bar. All you need is an inner drive to excel academically and succeed in your chosen field.

The last date for submission of applications is May 31, 2014. I need to iron out a few personal issues and the financial factor before I send out my application.

A million prayers for my dreams to be fulfilled.

I share this statement by Thomas Jefferson, American Founding Father and President, speaking to his son-in-law, Thomas Mann Randolph, as he  began his studies at Edinburgh.
“You are now in a place  where the best courses  upon Earth are within your reach … such an opportunity you will never again have.”

(This is written in response to the competition co-hosted by IndiBlogger and British Council with the topic : If you could study/specialize in any subject of your choice in the UK, what would it be, where and why?

Knowledge is great ! )

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  1. Scotland does sound like a dream come true for girls worried about safety. Add to that, the universities there offer great course. A great write up. All the best for the contest 🙂

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