(The Daily Prompt from Daily Post today is : If you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in any language you don’t currently speak, which would it be? Why? What’s the first thing you do with your new linguistic skills?)

For me, without a doubt, the answer to the above question is ARABIC.

A beautiful Semitic language of poets and writers, Arabic literature is vast and rich in information related to culture and history dating to almost 16 centuries. Closely related to Hebrew, Aramaic and Phoenician, Arabic also has influenced many languages of the world including English. It has been a major vehicle of language to Europe, especially in the field of literature, mathematics, philosophy and science.

From a religious point of view, mastering the Arabic language will help me in learning and comprehending the Holy Qur’an and other classical texts related to Islamic History. Not all of the classical texts and Tafseers has been translated to English.

Due to the well-ordered system of Arabic grammar and derivation based morphology, it is in fact quite easy to master the language. From one root word, it is possible to derive nearly 20+ forms of the word, applying different patterns.The modern written language is derived from Quranic Arabic or the classical Arabic. The Arabs were eloquent poets and writers and hence the literary miracles of the Qur’an greatly impressed them and increased them in faith. Every letter, every word, every harakath, every thanween in the Qur’an has a reason on why it is used. Only a deep understanding of the Arabic language can help us in the comprehending the onion-ring layered nature of information in each word !

Being a lover of word, it is my hope, dream and prayer to master this exquisite language of literature.

*Huob/ حُب in Arabic means love.

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An insight into the beautiful language of literature and poets . And most importantly - The Quran

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