Phase of life

For nearly two years, there has been a constant theme in my life – Uncertainty. Personally and professionally, everything I desired and worked for ended up in failure. I ask myself, where did I go wrong? Did I not work hard enough? Weren’t my prayers sincere? How and when will I figure things out?  

I find myself mulling over the same decisions. Insecure, confused, unhappy and anxious. I am a shadow of my former bubbly self. I stopped believing in friendships. Solitude is my greatest companion now.  

Quarter-life crisis, they call it. Everyone goes through it, they say. Is it?

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15 Replies to “Phase of life”

  1. Is this the case of quarter-life crisis with all dentists? i went through a similar phase some time back. i guess it is a time of life when we realise that life, as we saw it through rose-tinted glasses, isn’t all peaches and cream and that dreams crash and hopes fall flat on their faces. But I felt that it is also a time to learn from the past, and move on. Pick your best memories, take your lessons from the worst, and make it happen for you in the now and future.
    All the best dear. i hope you find your peace too 🙂

    1. ….and this is why, I love this beautiful world of blogging. You read something inspiring and kind , on a day when you really need to hear it.

      Thank you so much for taking your time to read and interact with me. Happy to find another dentist out here ! 🙂

  2. After a quarter life crisis there’s the mid life crisis. I like to think I’ve moved beyond all of that. And from my place I can ony say ‘it does get better’. So do cheer up. Keep writing. Things will certainly get better.

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