The season of March

It was March. The season of in between.The spring of the Arabian desert. I was in front of the Kaabah. Standing besides me were my parents. Exactly above was the Baitul Maa’moor in the heavens…where 70, 000 angels visit everday. Bliss ! Tears streaming down from my face, I raised…Continue reading The season of March

Phase of life

For nearly two years, there has been a constant theme in my life – Uncertainty. Personally and professionally, everything I desired and worked for ended up in failure. I ask myself, where did I go wrong? Did I not work hard enough? Weren’t my prayers sincere? How and when will…Continue reading Phase of life

Oral Cancer

There is a definition which all medical students memorize by their second year, which is an oft-asked question, especially in viva, commonly known as Willis definition of tumour. It states :   A neoplasm is an abnormal mass of tissue, the growth of which exceeds and is uncoordinated with that…Continue reading Oral Cancer

A word of praise.

While at the College food court, the cashier on seeing my ink-splattered hands, gave me paper napkins to wipe with, even before I thought of asking for it. I got excited and ran to my friend, ‘Guess what?! He gave me these without me asking for them !’ (Looking back…Continue reading A word of praise.

Teaching life sans words


She gets excited when she notices I am wearing a new dress. She rubs her thumb with the index finger when she is bored. She is scared of the cat, yet she makes sure her mom has not forgotten to keep food on a plate, near the back door. She…Continue reading She.