It has nearly been 6 months since I and my mom have been staying alone, back in our hometown, after a gap of nearly 20 years! Used to the idyllic slow paced life of Doha, safe and secure with Dad and brothers around, staying in Kerala was as adventurous as it was hard on both of us.

We are not aware of the Doctors, Plumbers or the Painters around. We do not know about the local Electricity board, neither do we know the local grocers and shopkeepers. Heck, we dont even know the brand name of the milk powder packets used here commonly!  (In Doha, it is either Nido or Anchor. Now I learn it, it is Milkmaid, Amul or Dairyman!)  

What I noticed in the past 6 months is, how helpful our next door neighbour have been. Both the Uncle and his son ! The Uncle manually pumped out water in to our water tank when our Electric motor stopped working, called the Electricity Board immediately; helped out with the gate which broke down one fine morning and  reminded us often that we could call them anytime we need any help of any sort. The son was the handyman whom my mother would call when we would run out of our sugar, salt and flour and he would immediately go to the supermarket – all with a smile and a sense of goodness.

We say, humanity has waned now or kindness is not expressed. Look around, we see examples of generosity, compassion and a helping hand everywhere. Our villages ooze out in goodness when our cities are hesitant in expressing it.

In a Prophetic Hadith, it is stated that one of the essentials of happiness is a good neighbour. Now, I realize its importance ! Alhamdulilah.

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