Prized Books


Over the years, I have learnt from…

▪Uncle Quentin’s love of science
▪Hermione Granger inquisitiveness and hardwork
▪Julian Kirrin’s sense of responsibility
▪Patricia and Isabel’s (O Sullivan) companionship
▪Nancy Drew’s eye for details
▪Frank and Joe Hardy’s sense of adventure
▪Howard Roark’s passion for his profession
▪Liesel Meminger aka Book thief’s love for words
▪Dr. Bentley aka Memory Keeper’s chivalrous nature to protect his wife from sadness (though it led to a terrible decision)
▪Pi Patel’s extra human courage in dealing with a grown tiger
▪Amal Hassan Abulheja’s love for her motherland
▪Morrie’s wisdom filled lessons for life
▪Robert Langdon’s knowledge of symbols, art and architecture
▪Tehmina Durrani’s strength in fighting injustice
▪Laila and Mariam’s understanding friendship

Books, you opened my world !

(Today’s prompt at NaBloPoMo : Show your most prized possession)

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