Death and grief

(I started this series ‘Letters to my unborn child’ during the April A to Z Challenge which sadly I never completed due to all the stress and workload I was under back then. Here I am trying it out again since this is something I really want to document. Hope…Continue reading Death and grief

Curtains down, 2014.

2014. I have so much to write and express about this year yet words fail me when I am deeply emotional. “There are years that ask questions and years that answer” – Zora Neale Hurston. Definitely this has been a year of answers. Alhamdulilah. I wrote this on Jan 1,…Continue reading Curtains down, 2014.

Ten Favourite Books

There is a trend going on over Facebook asking for ‘Your ten favourite books’. I came across this IndiSpire post and decided to write down my own list. Mornings in Jenin by Susan Abul Hawa – Humanizes the struggle of Palestinians and deals with universal need of a homeland, security,…Continue reading Ten Favourite Books

Healing through words.

Nearly two months since I showed my presence on the blogosphere. Life happened! Yet, I feel a piece of the puzzle missing. …there are two ways in which I find my healing and patience : Prayer and Writing. My time constraints and roller-coaster changes of past few months made me…Continue reading Healing through words.

Blogging goals

When I started blogging on WordPress at the beginning of this year, my goal was basically to delve into the realm of creative writing using prompts. In short, to write more ! My writing  mainly revolves over spirituality, books and personal reflections. Having gone through a severe quarter life crisis,…Continue reading Blogging goals


It has nearly been 6 months since I and my mom have been staying alone, back in our hometown, after a gap of nearly 20 years! Used to the idyllic slow paced life of Doha, safe and secure with Dad and brothers around, staying in Kerala was as adventurous as…Continue reading Neighbourhood.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Object

A broken heart Nearly 13 years ago, my middle school friend gifted to me this key-chain after she came back from a trip. Though broken at the side, battered and bruised by rough use, this travels with me wherever I go. We live in two countries now, still our laughter…Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge : Object

Message in a bottle.

While rewinding myself at the beach, after the big fat battle against exams, I was caught up in my daily dose of day dreaming when a glistening glass caught my eye. My Nancy-Drew-honed curious mind went over to investigate only to find a glass bottle with a note inside. Excitement…Continue reading Message in a bottle.

generation gap

Generation gap

The generation before me did not grow up using Google for their school projects. The generation after mine would not have used Encyclopaedia Britannica for the same. We used both ! The generation before mine did not know what it was to listen to one’s favourite music over and over…Continue reading Generation gap

In her shoes

I have been having a strained relationship with my mom for a week now. Hence, when I saw the DPChallenge, I thought why not write a post from her shoes, on why I am being a difficult child suddenly! ¬† ” I donot understand why. Why is she hurting me…Continue reading In her shoes

Weekly Photo Challenge : Juxtaposition

Merging of blue and green. Kerala, South India – commonly known as God’s own country. (Weekly Prompt : Juxtaposition from the Daily Post)

Weekly Photo Challenge : Windows

….because, eventually after all the darkness, light will shine through. (Prompt titled ‘Windows’ from Daily Post)

Unique in His uniqueness

Every leaf that flutters. Every branch that sways. Every foliage that has changed it shade to the autumn yellow. Every dew drop on every petal of every colour – red or purple, magenta or white. Every secret of the blue sky. ¬†Every sunset that bursts with the brilliant chroma of…Continue reading Unique in His uniqueness