Healing through words.

Nearly two months since I showed my presence on the blogosphere. Life happened!

Yet, I feel a piece of the puzzle missing.

…there are two ways in which I find my healing and patience : Prayer and Writing. My time constraints and roller-coaster changes of past few months made me to lack in both, sadly. I found myself constantly anxious and frustrated. I realized I have kept myself away from the same things that gives me serenity and peace : God. Words.

Here I am trying to get back on to my rails when I found the NaBloPoMo theme for the month of September : Healing. Voila ! I just knew I have to take this challenge up !

Prompt : Do you find it more helpful to talk things out or to let things quietly rest?

One of the hardest situations for me to express myself is when I am having the constricted throat feeling with tears brimming in my eyes. I have always been the kind who moved away from people when I get extremely emotional, upset or depressed. In solitude is my healing. Yet, keeping loved ones away when in a low phase is detrimental to the health of a relationship.

Keeping bottled up emotions for a long time usually leads us to vent out our frustrations at the most untimely time ever in a heightened manner. Or so it is with me ! (Again unhealthy for relationships!)

One of my closest friends from college, L, was the first one who explained to me the necessity of effective communication needed in any relationship – personal, professional or just mere acquaintances!  Until and unless we express our emotions, needs or frustration to the other person, in all probability it might be extremely difficult for them to fathom the situation or comprehend our side of the story. Keeping quiet so as to avoid conflicts will only lead to more conflicts in the long run.

Disagreement s and conflicts in a relationship does not necessarily mean there is lack of love. It only signifies we are confident enough that our affection and love can overcome any differences and understand each other’s point of view.

How do you deal with conflicts?

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(PS: Blowing one’s own trumpet time. Scotland dreams actually got selected for IndiBlogger’ s Knowledge is Great Contest. I couldn’t believe it! My first ever. Wohoo. The gift was a 2000 Rs Flipkart voucher)

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8 Replies to “Healing through words.”

  1. Lovely to see you back again Shahira, I missed you. Your writing is so full of wisdom. I tend to isolate when I am feeling emotional or hurt, nice to know others struggle with similar issues.

  2. This article….Cliche I know….But sadly to say it is me!!! When in solitude I find my words, I sit and let – well truth be told I lay awake till small hours, breastfeeding my little one – let my heart pour out all its contents. It’s such a relief, a lightened soul when the heavy load unloads….. Constantly, time after time I always find its my words and prayer that pull me through. My words, each and every one is laced with faith and the heavy reliance upon it, to get me through. It’s my one and only solace..Alhumdulilah. yes it is isolating, maybe but it’s peaceful for me to know it’s between me and the Almighty…. It’s safe. Going from past experiences, the heart is a fragile part that can be broken again and again, the soul shattered from trying so hard….And for what? For nothing…. For this reason I live solemnly by ‘verily do hearts find rest in the remeberance of Allah (swt)….’ Writing it all down does make it lighter….But I’m yet to share it out in the big wide www, as who will want to read sad wordings? The same sort of theme, embraced with a heavy faith influence…… I write for me. I write for peace of mind. Reflection, and mostly reading back there’s gratitude there for the tests that can strengthen one through patience and their trust in the Almighty …. The whole experience can make the individual for the better. Acceptance is key….
    A long way to say I get what it is you are saying (sorry) x

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