Theme reveal – A to Z Challenge

As like last year, in the whim of a blogging frenzy I signed up for the A to Z Challenge.

Last year’s theme was A to Z of Arabic words in English. It suited my tagline and the exact reason of why I started this blog – my love for words.

Much has changed in my personal life over the gap of a year. It has been an exhilarating roller-coaster ride. Alhamdulilah. Hence this year’s theme will be more closer home. More personal. More intimate.

I have tried to keep my personal life away from the online world. Yet it is words that calm me. So I come back to Words to help me express my inner most thoughts, my fears and my expectations for tomorrow. Insha’Allah

The theme for April A to Z Challenge 2015 will be ‘ Letter’s to my unborn child’.

I hope to read and interact with more blogs this year.


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13 Replies to “Theme reveal – A to Z Challenge”

  1. Sometimes it’s a good thing to do something like this. I applaud your brave and loving spirit.

  2. Hi Shahira … what an interesting theme .. and I’ll love learning more – looking forward to them .. and anything that opens our eyes to your world … cheers Hilary

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