A beginning

This post is part of the A to Z April Challenge. My theme for the month is ‘Letters to my unborn child’.

Dear baby,

The first word I, your dad and grandma uttered when we came to know of your existence inside me is “Alhamdulilah” All Praise be to God. Merely that knowledge of your two-cell existence has bought immense joy and happiness into our lives. When you are 16 and feeling lonely, remember there were two people who have prayed for you even before your were born…even before they had met each other!

Nearly four years ago, after going for a routine check-up to a gynecologist, she uttered the words that no lady likes to hear, ” You might have difficulty conceiving”. Though a final year student back then with immense academic stress and a person who hardly thought about relationship, marriage and babies, those words pierced every fiber of my being. Will I never be able to feel your soft skin? Will I never have the chance to marvel at your tiny fingers? Or the milestone of your first step? Though I later went to two other gynecologists who said me I am perfectly “normal”, the worry of not being able to carry you lingered deep inside me ! (Advice Alert : While consulting a doctor for any serious issues, ailments etc – God forbid – always go in for second or third opinion. I convey this to you from your maternal great grandma. God bless her! )

You might be clueless about your every first step. I am as clueless as your are. It is a first for me too. Both of us are bound to make mistakes and be mad at each other indefinitely and constantly, yet I promise to hug you every single day, to bake you your favourite cake or go crazy at the park with you.

I have been a “serious” child as long as I can remember. Eagerly awaiting your arrival to shed that onion-layers of seriousness and be a child all over again with you. Until then, stay safe my baby.


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3 Replies to “A beginning”

  1. This is a lovely way to write to your baby what a great idea! I really enjoy the way you write masha’Allah; definitely got yourself a new follower 🙂

    Lauren x

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