Strangers in our life

Excitement and anxiousness creeping in, I went with my better half for a blood test to know if I am pregnant or not only to be told by the lab technician, ‘The tests can be done today, but you will receive the results only tomorrow!’

24 hours is too frustratingly long to know a simple yes or no.

The next day I called up the hospital to know the result via phone only to be told the test results can not be revealed over the phone. I coaxed, cajoled and pleaded with the receptionist to let me know the result.

In a soft voice she says, “M’am, I am not supposed to say but here is your result.  Your result is positive for pregnancy”

A thousand emotions whirled through my head in a split second. We often fail to recognize moments that change our lives completely. But this was one, revealed to me by a soft-spoken receptionist who heard the plea in  my voice though it meant breaking a rule for her.

This post is for the strangers who feature in the story of our life, unknowingly !

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