I have a love-hate affair with Facebook. With friends and family all around from the farthest east to the farthest west, Facebook truly helps me to keep in touch with them all. But hadn’t Facebook been there, wouldn’t I have found other ways to keep in touch with them if…Continue reading Facebook



My sister and brother in law gifted me with a Samsung Note 10.1 a few months back. Thus started my love affair with eBooks. I used to read eBooks on my laptop or on the small N900 screen earlier, but due to the cumbersome nature either of holding the laptop…Continue reading E-books

Colours of Nature

Do we have a name for every shade of colour seen in nature? Glory be to the Creator ! (Linking it to ABC Wednesday and the letter for the week is C)

Reading books

Iqra’ – An affair with books.

  I do not remember the first book I read. Was it Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series? Or was it a ‘Babysitters club’ ¬†shared from my sister? Or RL Stine? But for sure, I remember, my childhood was punctuated with books, comics and children’s magazines. I have often seen my…Continue reading Iqra’ – An affair with books.

The first grandchild of the family is always welcomes with much fanfare and adulation


You are our biggest blessing in the tiniest package. You are our heartfelt prayers answered. Your soft baby voice is our antidote to sadness. Your distress cries breaks our heart. Your firsts – smile, step, word are eagerly awaited. Your antics are our daily dose of laughter. You epitomise the…Continue reading Amna