Perfect Moments

On a flight from Bangalore to Mumbai. The pilot announced that we will soon land into Chathrapathi Shivaji International Airport. Baby is happy and not cranky during take off and during the flight but she cries hysterically while landing. TH was tickling her and trying to make her laugh. Her…Continue reading Perfect Moments

Pediatric emergency centres – Qatar

Your baby spikes up a fever of 39°C at 1 AM in the night. What do you do? Voila! Pediatric emergencies to the rescue. Qatar is well endowed with Pediatric Emergency Centres in almost all the corners. The main Pediatric Emergency is located at Al-Sadd. Quite busy but well equipped.…Continue reading Pediatric emergency centres – Qatar

A beginning

This post is part of the A to Z April Challenge. My theme for the month is ‘Letters to my unborn child’. Dear baby, The first word I, your dad and grandma uttered when we came to know of your existence inside me is “Alhamdulilah” All Praise be to God.…Continue reading A beginning