Silence of my home

Growing up, my house did not know the meaning of silence. 2 studious girls who did their daily lessons by reading loudly. 2 hyperactive boys who always had to play football or watch cartoon. Not to forget, the cat and dog fights for everything from the TV remote to the Nutella bottle.

However hard my mom tried, it was dearly impossible to wind up for the day before 11 PM. There was one or the other chatter – Crying sessions because the home work assignment was not completed (this was usually me!) or screaming at the other for breaking a favourite toy (usually the boys) or being on the telephone non-stop (my elder sister). There were toys strewn everywhere, the school books were not kept in order and the shoes were never on the rack. Looking back at it now, I wonder how did my parents have the patience to tolerate so much of noise !

Fast-forward 20 years later, the elder sister is married and away, the younger brother is doing his undergraduate studies in India, the youngest is at University hostel in the city. I happen to be the only one currently with my parents. (I too shall move away soon, insha’Allah)

Now my house observes only SILENCE.

There is silence in the morning after dad leaves for work. The afternoon lunch is a silent affair. Tea and snacks in the evening is not so necessary as how when we were children (Back then if there were no snacks for tea – another drama was certain!) Dinner is over by 8 PM and other than me wandering the house for midnight snacks, all is quiet, calm and done for the day.

Every family has not only its noisy days – non stop crying baby days, non stop sibling-fighting days, exam stress days, holiday excitement days, but also its days of silence – the silence after the brides leaves her home, silence when the son goes abroad for his Master’s, silence when the youngest leaves for hostel. Silence after a good bye. Silence after the ‘Salaam’. Silence after the hug.

My home is slowly embracing its empty nest syndrome.

(Weekly writing challenge from Daily Post: The Sound of Silence )

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