Optimist or Pessimist ?

(Feb 24th prompt from NaBloPoMo : Do you think you are more of an optimist or a pessimist? )

Thinking long and hard on the answer to the above question. I came to this sad conclusion: I am an optimist when things go my way. When its running downhill, I turn in to a dreadful pessimist. How wrong can I get ?!

DSI, Bangalore
DSI, Bangalore

It is easy to see the silver lining on the cloud when we can gaze at the beautiful sky while standing on a firm ground. What happens when the ground is shaking and there is an earthquake? Our ability to find the silver lining depends on how much we actually focus our eyes on the clouds despite the disturbances. A test of our vision, literally and figuratively. A difficult feat nonetheless, not impossible !

I am a person who believes in “Alhamdulilah” – All praise be to God. I need to learn to say it not only when I clear the important exam, land the best job or have a good opportunity opening up in front of me but also when I fail the same exam twice, have an unpaid internship, an unemployed 6 months or when my life’s events overwhelm me.

It is when I find it most difficult to say Alhamdulilah that I have to say Alhamdulilah, with far greater clarity and deeper conviction. Alhamdulilah. Indeed all praises to you my Lord.

For You know, I know not. Where I am meant to be is where I am. Some days, I forget it .

After my hard work and my heartfelt prayers,  I need to leave in Your hands. That is where my Thawakkul begins. I rely upon you, my Lord.


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  1. I heard a new take on the glass half full / half empty thing… you should always keep your glass half empty so that you can keep filling it with more wonderful things. I thought that was an interesting take on it.

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