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The blog ‘ Dr Shahira’ posts content related to motherhood, faith, dentistry, books, life in Qatar and occasionally delve into creative writing. Since my blog is a reflection of me, I chose to partner with brands and products that will be fit to my religious values, the blog content and its readers.

How I suggest we can work together?
  • Sponsored Ads & Banners
  • Giveaway
  • Reviews & Product Promotion
  • Freelance Writing and Guest Posts
  • Other Collaborations

I am looking at creative ways to work with brands so please get in touch and we could work on something new together.

To contact, send an email to or contact on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram


David Charles London


Djarabi Kitabs Publishing

Djarabi Kitabs, Second Collab

Fofkys Online book and coffee shop

Hidden Pearls Hijab


Meissa Ring Sling


Prolance Publishing

2 Replies to “Contact & PR”

  1. Shahira,

    I was going through all the cloth diapering reviews you have done,good work must say.. However being a soon to be first time mom, I am now confused with which brands to try for newborns. Could you suggest me with your top 3 brands to try for newborns?it would be a great help. Hope to hear from you soon

    1. Hello. What I would suggest for newborn Cding is lots and lots of flats. Prefolds. These for home use. While going out or at night time I would suggest Bunpadum Neo diapers. Once the baby turns 5 to 6 months you can buy a few one size diapers. You can then use the flats and prefolds of newborn stage as inserts in pockets or AIO. Brands as such …for new born I have only used flats from lulu n prefolds n neo from Bumpadum. I loved them. Other one size dialer brands I like are Thirsties Grovia and Poppolini

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