Ramadan memories – 2

2 Ramadan 1437, June 7th 2016

(Insha’Allah planning to do a small write – up for everyday of Ramadan. More as a memoir for my little one)

My baby is trying to stand by holding onto the furniture or stool or anything she gets for her height. Today she tried to stand using the filled Al Wataniya water can. Unfortunately, her hands slipped and she fell down. Tears. Lots if tears. Cuddling, nursing and more cuddling again, she was back to her healthy happy self. Alhamdulilah

10 minutes later, she was back on the floor, happily crawling and trying to stand again. SubhanaAllah

As an infant, failure never demotivate us. Kids always get up after that bad fall, that noisy bump, that painful cut. They know they can achieve what they want to do only if they try.

Why do we as adults forget this very basic fact then? Why do we feel so depressed after a failure and a loss?

A baby learning to take her first step should be our motivation every time we think we are a failure and feel like crawling into our shells!

Where are you celebrating Ramadan from? How many hours is your fast?

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