Bezoar of Harry Potter fame

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. My theme for the month is A to Z of words in English with an Arabic origin

Along with Harry, Hermione and Ron, every Harry Potter fan too would  have learnt about the “Bezoar” in the first year Potion’s class. Did you know the word ‘Bezoar’ had an Arabic connection to it?

We should learn the concept of coexistence from languages – Every language is influenced by other languages across borders, culture and centuries.


Did the Harry Potter books inspire you to get into the habit of reading as a teenager/young adult?

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0 Replies to “Bezoar of Harry Potter fame”

  1. I was a reader before Harry but I think of him and the rest of the gang as childhood friends. I grew up with them. And this theme of yours is great for me because I’m currently living in Iran and will move to Qatar in a few months so it’s like a head start on my arabic studies.

  2. I read the Harry Potter books to my boys but my favorite was listening to them while driving to work. The reader in the audio version is FANTASTIC!!!

  3. Harry Potter books are some of my all time favorite books, but I was a reader long before they came out. I was an adult when the first one came out.
    Interesting blog! Hope you are enjoying your A to Z Challenge as much as I am.
    Have a great month.

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