Xebec, it is !

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. My theme for the month is A to Z of words in English with an Arabic origin.

X-day might be one of the most difficult one in the A to Z Challenge. I am quite surprised to find an actual word beginning with X which has an Arabic origin. (Initially, I was planning to be cheeky and use X-ray for today, connecting the Algebraic X And Arabic origin :P)

Xebec – a small three-masted Mediterranean sailing ship.


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5 Replies to “Xebec, it is !”

  1. Good one today! I had to wrack my brain a while to think up something for today. Made it in time but I’ll have to preplan for next year since the choices are a bit limited. 🙂

  2. Oh, X is such a struggle, always… I googled Xebec and got lots of images of sailing ships (which I love, btw!), so your post became very visual that way. My eyes got their portion of goodies too! Great post!

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