The hijab – My choice

From the time I was 11 or 12, whatever is it that I chose to wear- skirt & top, jeans & kurta, salwar kameez or the abaya – there has been an extra fabric on my head, covering my hair, popularly called as the HIJAB. On doing a quick Google search, you will realize the fact that the Hijab is one of the most controversial topic regarding the Muslim women.

The extra fabric hasn’t prevented me from gaining a degree, working in a hospital, travelling alone, outing with my friends or in short, living my life. It is a personal choice after studying and comprehending my religious texts. It is an act of servitude to My Lord, The Most High. His commandment in His book states the believing women to cover and hence I cover. Not because another human being oppresses me or the institution where I study enforces it but because I chose to follow the tenets of my faith to the best of my ability. I chose to follow the laws of Hijab as I chose to follow that of 5 times prayer or the fasting in the month of Ramadan.

Most of the narrative of the “hijab being oppressive” comes from people who do not wear the Hijab. Why? Shouldn’t the person who is wearing it be speaking about the ease/difficulties/problem etc regarding the hijab? Will we accept the narrative regarding Eskimos from any one other than the people who are living/lived in the Arctics? So why the double-standard when it comes to the veil? Shouldn’t it be first-hand accounts for it to be credible?

Having said that, I am not overlooking some families where hijab is enforced upon their girls. BUT that is a personal/cultural thinking. For God states in His Holy Book, “there is no compulsion in religion“. I personally feel when hijab is strictly enforced upon an individual it takes away the spiritual feeling behind it. Especially in teenagers, when anything is made compulsorily, they start to resent it . Hence, as like most parents do, it should be recommended or taught about and not enforced strictly. For when one learns about her faith and starts fulfilling the tenets to gain closeness to her God, the hijab becomes another easy step. Insha’ Allah.

I wear a brown scarf or a blue one. Some days I match it with my outfit. Some times, I feel like wearing black coloured ones for all my outfits. Some days I just wear a triangular scarf easily, other times I feel like going on elaborate twisting and twirling of my shayla. I chose my style.

At the end of the day, my first intention is to come closer to my God. My hijab is just another way to it.

(Daily Prompt from Daily Post : Fad. The hijab is, was and will always be, Insha’Allah, my favourite part of my attire !)

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