Ream of Sheets

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. My theme for the month is A to Z of words in English with an Arabic origin.

Today’s post is about yet another commonly used word – ream. Often used in terms of bundle of sheets for printer etc.

Meaning – 1. number of sheets of paper, formerly 480 sheets (short ream), now 500 sheets (long ream) or 516 sheets (printer’s ream or perfect ream). One ream is equal to 20 quires
2. (often plural) a large quantity, esp of written matter [Collins English Dictionary]


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  1. I hope you enjoy your vacation, and I will continue enjoying these in your absence. I am struck by the similarities in word roots – Arabic with Euro languages. All your posts are ones I will come back to when the April blogging frenzy is over. I want to focus on what you are teaching me.

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