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Every single one of us have a story to tell. A story of happiness,  success, joy, triumphs, sadness and tests.Our situations of life are tailor made for us.

What we perceive as important or beautiful might not be so, in the eyes of another person. What piques our interest would not be noticed by another individual. What frightens us or what saddens us could be considered as frivolous matter by some one else. Our every emotion is uniquely our own. Validated by another individual or not, we should never be in a position where we have to justify our emotions and thoughts.

Some people prefer to tell their story through photographs, whereas some prefer to tell it through rhyming poems. I prefer to tell mine through words. Not rhyming, not in symphony, maybe in all probability,  it will be filled with grammatical mistakes and typos. Maybe boring or unappealing. Still, I prefer to say it here, because at the end of the day, everyone has a story. If we don’t tell our own story, who will?

Glory be to the One who is the Creator of every story. 7 billion stories.

Proud Muslimah. Family lover. Ambitious. Dentist. Dreamer. Nomad. Curious. Typical INFJ. Middle Child. Mallu. Mid East bred. Hijabi. Book lover.

Six billion of us walking on the planet, six billion smaller worlds on the bigger one. Shoe- salesmen and short-order cooks who look boring from the outside – some have weirder lives than you. Six billion stories,  everyone an epic, full of tragedy and triumph, good and evil, despair and hope.- Dean Koontz


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