Elixir of life

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. My theme for the month is A to Z of words in English with an Arabic origin.

Paulo Coelho is one of the contemporary writers who has introduced Arabic words like Maktoob and Zahir to the mainstream English readers. Yet, there is a common English word, used in the book ‘The Alchemist’  which too has an Arabic origin. Any guesses?


Opinions on the book ‘The Alchemist’?

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      1. Wow, ok I didn’t know there were so many high flying terms in there- maybe I will postpone reading it for a while longer- LOL

  1. Never realized that elixir had it’s roots embedded in Arabic too. Though I never really ‘loved’ Paulo’s books. Sure some ideas are amazing but Eleven Minutes is the biggest trash ever.

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